Tryout for The Disney Channel – Open Auditions Announced


Open Auditions for Disney Channel and Disney XD Coming Up.

The Disney Channel announced open online auditions last week and this week Disney Channel and Disney XD announced that they would be holding a live open cast call in the Los Angeles / Orange County area.  

Looking to become famous on the Disney Channel?  If you live in or around the Los Angeles area and have been itching to tryout for a role in an upcoming Disney Channel show or in one of their movies, here is your shot. The Disney casting team will be in the Los Angeles area scouting new talent in just a few weeks and teens in the area can come on down, with their parents, to meet with the Disney Channel casting directors.

The auditions are set for May 15th and will be held at the Anaheim Convention Center.  Disney Channel is looking to cast new talent for their upcoming movie “High School Musical 4.” The network is looking for teens ages 14 to 17 who can sing, dance and act for a possible spot in their upcoming Disney Channel movie, “High School Musical 4.”

If you do not live in the Los Angeles or Orange County area you are still in luck because online auditions are also open for talent that does not live in the Southern California area. The Disney Channel casting directors are asking that all teens coming to the in person casting call download the script (see below) as they will be asked to read from it.


All teens attending must come with a parent or guardian and are also asked to bring a current photo of themselves that may be left with the casting directors. Photos do not need to be professional and regular snap shots are OK.

Here are a few tips about photos:

  • Make sure the picture is well lit with minimal background distraction.
  • You should be the only person in the photo and avoid photos that include anyone else.
  • Avoid taking a picture in front of a window or bright light source.
  • The age range they are looking for is 14 to 17. Generally casting directors ARE actually looking to cast kids / teens that look the requested age so avoid wearing too much makeup that makes you look older.
  • Casting directors need to see what you actually look like so avoid any props such as sun glasses or hats.
  • Have a friend or parent take a photo of you. DO NOT take a selfie in a mirror or in any unflattering angle.

This is the official Disney open call and there is no fee to tryout. Official Disney Channel auditions are always free. Appointments are not required but families driving to the convention center will need to pay for parking which will be about $15 per car at the convention center lot.

These events generally draw a huge crowd so be prepared to wait in line for quite some time. They are only interested in teens ages 14 to 17 and will not be auditioning kids outside of that age group at that time. If coming as a family, you may want to leave any younger siblings at home, especially if they are very young and unable to stand in line for extended periods of time. See the casting notice below for all the details.

Disney High School musical 4 auditions

High School Musical cast may include you!

Get Cast in High School Musical 4

Interested? Here is the open call information for the Disney Channel:

“High School Musical 4”

SUNDAY, MAY 15, 2016

Representatives for Disney Channel are conducting a LIVE OPEN CALL at the:

800 W Katella Ave, Anaheim, CA 92802

If you are between the ages of 14-17 and you are interested in acting, singing OR dancing we would love to see you there!


Please bring a PHOTO of yourself (SNAPSHOT OK) and have it ready upon registration.

EVERYONE under the age of 18 MUST be accompanied by a PARENT or LEGAL GUARDIAN to audition

Convention Center Parking: $15 per vehicle
(additional parking available at surrounding locations)

Disney XD tryouts 2016 / 2017


These are the lines that teens will be reading for the role:

PEYTON (MORNING, getting ready for school)

It’s like the adults had a meeting and said: “You know how teenagers have a biological need to sleep late? Let’s make them go to school super-crazy early!”

Luckily I’ve got sports to keep me going. My family moves a lot for my dad’s job. Not great for making friends. But sports? They’re always there for me.

I’ve got a jersey for every mood. Am I feeling Basketball “FUN,” Football “TOUGH” or Soccer “FOCUSED?”

Which one says, “Today’s the Start of Something New…YET AGAIN”….??

(Pretends to hold up Soccer jersey) So “Soccer,” you gonna help me “Get My Head in the Game?!”


Check out the in-app videos featuring audition tips from Paris Berelc (“Lab Rats: Elite Force”) and Jacob Bertrand (“Kirby Buckets”).

Download Disney Applause App. See here for the app. You may also see Online Disney Channel Auditions for 2016 for more information about the nationwide online auditions.


If you are between the ages of 14-17 and you are interested in acting we invite you to audition.

With your parent or legal guardian’s permission, download the script by clicking the above link and follow the link below to Disney Applause to upload your audition.

This is not a contest, an offer, or a guarantee of employment. There is NEVER a fee to participate in a Disney Channel/Disney XD Talent Search or Open Call

18 thoughts on “Tryout for The Disney Channel – Open Auditions Announced

  1. Lola fraser

    Hello my name is Lola I am 8 years old. I would love to be on the show, Kim To The Max. I would want to be the friend to Sidney. And Disney channel you have inspired me to become who I really am. This was and still is my dream to become famous, meet kind people and go on the red carpet. I want to go and meet Disney channel stars. I would love for you guys to audition me.

  2. Erica Lopez

    Hello, my name is Erica Lopez, I am 16 years old, and I love to act. I can sing and I also know how to make myself cry on Q. I would love the chance to audition for this role. I’m also really good at remembering lines. Acting has always been a dream of mine but I understand if you’re hesitating, just please take me under consideration for this audition, it would be a dream come true. Please contact me soon.

  3. Autumn Grace Young

    I really want to be on Disney channel

  4. Sydney

    I am 12 years old and I have a deep passion for singing and acting. Those are the two things I know I would want to do with my life. I’m very positive I would be great and I’m hoping that is how my life will turn out so let’s see!

  5. Anna

    Hello.. I’m Anna raised in Brooklyn NY.. turning 28 in 3 weeks … I wanna be in Disney channel and nick so bad! I do look younger and I’m about 5’5″.

  6. Aneth Hudson

    You letting me in is all I’m asking for. Singing is my life, promise not to let you down.

  7. Alakim Nagrom

    I would love to audition for disney channel. I went to one open casting call in LA two years ago. but, there were like thousands of people there. I think I’m a great actress. I’m almost 12, all of my friends say I’m a really good singer. I’m in choir at my school. I was the lead role for several plays and musicals at my old school. My dreams would come true if I would be in Disney channel.

  8. Qistina Michael

    Hi, I’m Qistina Michael and I am 15 this year. I stand at 5ft 3 inches and I am of mixed blood. I have not acted in movies, but I am hoping to do so in Disney Channel since it is the place where I feel happy and safe. All the shows I’ve watched in Disney Channel has made me who I am today. A brave, optimistic and honest girl, and I truly thank you for that. I want to act because it allows me to be in someone’s shoes, think how they think, feel how they feel. I want to explore myself, and acting can help me do that as I could act as a nerd, or anything else. Acting allows me to be different people, but at the end, I realize I’m able to do that because it is all in me. The good, the bad, and the ugly. So please consider me. Thank you for your time.

  9. selena avina

    My name is Selena Avina. I am a 16 year old girl and I would love to be on a commercial or a tv show or Disney channel show. I love to sing act and play sports. I decided what I wanted to do and it is to be on a show or commercial. I’m a foster girl and my mom always tells me I’m never gonna be anything in life and I want to show her what I can be in life so this is what I wanna be.

  10. meshi ahisatou

    I want to be a disney actress. Disney could be the only family I will ever have given my dad abandoned me since birth and my mum died when I was 5yrs old. I am 17 now and am all the way in Africa. Cameroon to be precise.

  11. Jaliah aggers

    I am being forward to come act on disney channel. I am 14 years old and can act really good. I would happy to act for you guys, the funny thing is people tell me that I look just like Ski Jackson.

  12. Lovely coleman

    Hi I’m 12 years old and I’m looking forward to being on any Disney channel auditions. I can sing and I can act. I always wanted to be a Disney channel star. I have great talent. I been acting since I was 5 years old so contact me back please and thank you.

  13. Vada Cinamon

    Hello my name is vada. I’m am 18, and just turned 18 this past February, but people say I look 15 or 16. Sadly I don’t have much experience in acting besides elementary plays and a church play. But acting has always been something I’ve loved to do, I’ve just never had the chance. I know I’m outside of the age range, but I would really love if I could get this opportunity. Please contact me with any information. Thank you so much for your time(:

  14. sammy wilkson

    My name is… well you already read it so. I’ve never acted before so whatever. I love to do nothing on my spare time and I’m an amazing singer like really good, I swear!!! My hobbies are reading, writing and math. I’m not good at any of those but I really want to be famous so give me the part, thanks.

    xoxo you’re gonna love me when I’m famous so bye

  15. Julia Arsenis

    Hello, my name is Julia Arsenis, I am 17 years old with several years of training in various dance types, acting and singing. I have performed in a lead role in several school and outside of school musicals before. I have a very high interest in auditioning for High School Musical 4. I have been and still am a massive fan of the original High School Musical and the following two, and of course had the long lasting crush on the dreamy Troy Bolton! I would be more than grateful for any opportunity to audition for or perform in this coming production. Please contact me with any information that you have. Thank you so much.

    -Julia Arsenis

  16. Samantha gutierrez

    Hello my name is Samantha Gutierrez, I love acting and dancing but I don’t think I’m good enough but I really love acting. The only problem is that I’m 13 but people think I’m like 14 or 15. I just want to see if I have an opportunity to be in this movie. I really love the musical and I always wanted to be in that show but in 13, that’s the thing and I just hope you will let me slide. I’m turning 14 on September 27. Just let me know if I have a chance to be in it even though I’m 13. Thank you for your time and hopefully I get to me meet all you wonderful people thank you so much :).


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