Auditions for Lead Roles in Atlanta for Indie Movie “Illuminati”



Location: Atlanta GA

Type: Film

Feature film shooting in Atlanta GA mid February. We are seeking leads as well as supporting roles. (no extras at this time) Pay is based on roles and starts at $100 to $500 per day. Supporting roles shoot days are between 3 and 10. Lead roles shoot 35 days. Please attache Headshots and links to reels. (voice or video)

Roles include:

Jessi Mason – Bi-Racial, Hispanic, or African American 20 to 27 very attractive. Rookie detective. Charming, funny, and smart. She hides her real emotions behind sarcasm and quick wit one-liners.

Rochelle – Superstar singer 18 to 25 very attractive slim to mid build. Soft spoken in private but can switch when the cameras are on her. She hides a dark secret and the truth is always in her eyes

Roland Walsh – Billionaire Tech entrepreneur. Caucasian Male, mid build to athletic 35 to 60. Slick witted, arrogant, smart. Speaks from a place of malice against the world.

Sandy Mayhew – Dontae’s live-in Girlfriend. African American 30 to 40. Southern homegrown girl. Big personality and very caring. Loves to laugh and play around. A person everyone would like to be around.

Salvita – Rochelle’s Manager – Caucasian female 30 to 50. (preferably Russian or non-American ethnicity) Very rude and controlling. She has no “filter” and says whatever she thinks with no regard to who she is saying it to.

Adonis Sterling – Computer Geek. Male (any ethnicity) 25 to 35. “geek” that is in over his head. Panics easily.

Mrs. Dorris – Nosey Neighbor. African American Female 50 to 60. Very southern good hearted grandmother type.

Chief Wilcox – Police Chief. African American Male 50 to 60. Tough no nonsense and loud. Appears to have it all under control with force.

Harnando Vasquez – Police Officer – Hispanic 25 to 35. Soft spoken secretive.

Calvin Talbert – Conspiracy theorist. Male (any ethnicity) 45 to 55. Not sure if he is crazy or just so deep in knowledge he appears that way. Mysterious and dodgy.


Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Atlanta GA
Please submit to: [email protected] by 2016-12-31

This casting notice was posted by: David Skato – Film In Color

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