Auditions for Lead Roles in St. Louis Indie Film “Condemn Nation”

By | May 4, 2017

Condemn Nation

Location: St Louis, MO

Type: Film

Considering guilded and non-guild. I would like to see a video audition and portfolio prior to a live audition.

Synopsis: A fictional drama, illustrated against the backdrop of the 2014 unrest, in Ferguson, Missouri. A group of characters, from all walks of life, struggle to deal with themes of abuse, violence, loneliness, perseverance and redemption. They represent a culture which faces an endemic pattern of abuse in every level of society; from family, to government, to the media, to the legal system.

A nation of people, who compulsively abuses each other, never learns any lessons from the consequences, and continues the cycle of violence and abuse.

Please download the script from the amazon studio’s project and learn a scene for the part you would like to audition for. Ages are for characters, not actors. Feel free to email me for more information and details.

Condemn Nation movie

Sheila, Age 43, F, white (Lead)
William, Age 63, M, white (Lead)
Kenneth, Age 56, M, black (Lead)
Sam, Age 23, M, white (Lead)
James, Age 26, M, black (Lead) (partial nudity in scene)
Alyssa, Age 22, F, white/hispanic (Supporting role)
Sweeney, Age 55, M, black
Katrina, Age 24, F, black
Tyson, Age 4, M, black
Nancy, Age 8, F, black
Ursula, Age 42, F, black
Valentine Del Rio, Age 50-65, M, black
Harold, Age 50, M, black
Pearl, Age 80, F, white
Young Kenneth, Age 20, M, black
Andrea, Age 25-36, F, black
Martin, Age 25-30, M, black
Lieutenant Baird, Age 45-50, M, white
Tanisha, Age 20, F, black (partial nudity)
Darren Wilson, Age 30, M, White (Darren Wilson Lookalike)
Michael Brown, Age 19, M, black (Michael Brown lookalike)
Dorian Johnson, Age 19, M, black (Dorian Johnson lookalike)

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: St Louis, MO
Please submit to:

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One thought on “Auditions for Lead Roles in St. Louis Indie Film “Condemn Nation”

  1. Clayton Davis

    I’m interested in being a part of your project, I dont have experience in acting on film or stage, but roleplay comes easy to me.


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