Casting Kid, teen and Adult Actors for Indie Film Project in Chicago


Think Before You Shoot 7 “Above The Law”

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Type: Film

White Roles

Andrew “Drew” McDonald (15-17), athletic, nicely dressed (urban), influenced by the black culture, quiet.

Young Andrew McDonald (9-11), energetic, talk a lot about black athletes, entertainers and wanting to be like them.

John McDonald (mid-late 30’s), very stuck in his old ways, strict, rather be at work or gone than be at home.

Katherine Allen-McDonald (mid-late 30’s), mother of Andrew, wife of John, dress nice, working woman, very supportive of her son, sweet heart who has love for everyone.

Brian Phillips (mid-late 20’s), rookie officer, young features, cool and innocent man looking to actually help better the communities.

Black Roles

Christopher “Lil’ Chris” Williams Jr. (15-17), athletic, well mannered and smart, protective, still has a street persona, well dressed, conscious mindset

Young Christopher Williams Jr (9-11), high interest in playing basketball, very respectful, well mannered and smart

Latrell “Trell” Williams (19-21), brother of Christopher, the son of Big Christopher, he just wants to make some money, selling drugs on the block, hard headed, trouble maker.

Ebony Robinson (mid thirties), the mother of Lil’ Chris, girlfriend of Big Chris, very supportive of her son when it comes to education and athletics, hard working, down to earth with a conscious mindset.

Christopher “Big Chris” Williams (mid-late thirties), the father of Christopher and Latrell, former highly ranked basketball player growing up, ultimately let an injury and the streets get the best of him

Tyshaun “T’ Fly” (late twenties, early thirties), grew up getting money with some of the old schools, stay fly, always dressed matching from top to bottom, laid back, cool, big homie to those on the block, nice females, has his own “work”.


All ages / All Genders / Any ethnicity

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Chicago, Illinois
Please submit to: by 2017-04-16

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