Auditions for Voice Actors in Minneapolis for Animated Web Series


Voice Actresses Needed for Animated Web Series

Location: Minneapolis, MN

Type: Web series

We’re launching an animated web series with a target audience of teens to early twenties, and we’re looking for talented voice actresses, preferably ages 18-25, to play four high school girls. Please no submissions from minors.


~Amelia (Hispanic), Latin-American accent, chill and laid-back, a prankster and joker, says strange and silly things for humor, speaks English and Spanish.

~Lakshmi (Indian), Indian accent, wise, peaceful, joyful, always smiling, says seemingly silly things that are actually packed with profound wisdom.

~Yuki (Japanese American), rebellious, cool and confident, quick-witted, snarky sense of humor, has a big heart.

~Delray (African American), intelligent, studious, athletic, natural leader, loyal friend, empathetic, good sense of humor.

If interested, please submit applications via email to Please include resume along with video or audio examples of your voice. Applications with no video or audio examples will not be accepted.

Please submit audio recordings of the lines of dialogue provided below. We will accept most standard audio file formats.


Amelia Dialogue Lines

I like to skateboard and I like to eat chalupas. But never at the same time. Well not yet, anyways. Now that I think about it, I might really enjoy that. I like to skateboard and I like to eat chalupas. Sometimes at the same time.

Algunas veces hablo en español para que ella no entienda lo que estoy diciendo.? Pero aveces cuando hablo español no me entiendo a mi mismo.


Lakshmi Dialogue Lines

My way of seeing things is not necessarily superior to anyone else’s. Everyone sees the world in their own way. My way just happens to be very colorful.

I only see things that I want to see, but sometimes I see things that I want to see that I wish I did not want to see.


Yuki Dialogue Lines

I only need to get two things: the thing I need to get and the thing I need to get to get the thing I need to get. Wait, was that three things? Now I’m confused.

Now you see me, now you… still see me, but I’m walking away.


Delray Dialogue Lines

Actually, muscular contraction occurs when your brain sends electrochemical signals along neural synaptic pathways to myocytes in your muscle tissues.

I don’t have to read your mind to know you could use someone to talk to. If you’d ever like someone to pretend to be interested in what you have to say, I’m always here to pretend to lend an ear.


Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Minneapolis, MN
Please submit to:

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