Auditions for Speaking, Main Roles in Indie Psychological Thriller in Rochester, MN


Seed of Doubt / Now Casting for Psychological Thriller shooting June 2018

Location: Rochester, MN

Type: Film

Now Casting for Psychological Thriller shooting June 2018
Location: Rochester, MN
Shoot Dates: June 15-30, 2018

“Seed of Doubt”, an independent psychological thriller feature film shooting in Rochester, MN this summer, is currently casting. We have a relatively small cast, but we’ll need a diverse cross section of 20-years-old to 70+. Given this is an “ultra low budget” indie film, we’re not able to shell out the big bucks…but we’ll do what we can (including working with the SAG). We’ll also give you some food and drinks during the shoot. Main character cast is needed for approximately 10 days, secondary characters approximately 1-2 days. Note, there are no intimate scenes required.

If interested, email your name, age, gender, a head shot and resume. Include link to your demo reel or videos showing experience if possible. Please submit to:

Wednesday, March 28 from 4-7pm and
Saturday, March 31 from 10am-12pm
We will be accepting self-tape submissions as well as working on setting up a time and place to hold a casting session in the Twin Cities.

Log Line: Melissa and Scott’s dream home turns into a nightmare when they take on new tenants to make ends meet. As Melissa descends into paranoia and delusion, they must fight to save their unborn child.

Similar to films like: “Black Swan” “Hand that Rocks the Cradle” “The Game” and “Single White Female”

Main characters:
Melissa Henderson – (early- to -mid 30s); fine artist/painter; married to Scott, a doctor who recently started in a private ObGyn Practice. Melissa is a passive free spirit, only wants to keep the peace – a stylish hippie at heart. Since she was small, has used her art as a means of escape from stressful situations. Always afraid of offending or upsetting others to her own detriment – she is too afraid to fight for what she wants. Looking forward to the baby to solidify her new post-addiction life with Scott. Embarrassed about her addiction issues, especially given her family history.

Scott Henderson – (early- to mid-30s); professional doctor; married to Melissa, a fine artist. Scott is power-hungry, wants status, feels slighted when challenged. Feels like he gave up a lot to be with Melissa, and wants to just fix everything and move on, but the past keeps rearing its ugly head. Likes to be the smartest and most logical person in the room. A little tone-deaf and lacking of empathy, exacerbated by medical school training. Not a considerate partner to Mel; often minimizes her thoughts and feelings.

Tyler Thomas – a tough-looking guy; wider age range (mid-20s to mid-40s); dedicated boyfriend of Alex. Tyler is obsessed with appearances, stays with Alex for her beauty and the promise of a future child. Lovingly restored his car and works hard to present a polished version of himself to the world. Note: this is limited to superficial appearances. Unlike Alex, who knows how to maneuver her way through all social situations, he can be awkward and abrasive socially – but he always looks nice while doing it.

Alexandra Schofield – (20-something); currently with Tyler. Will do whatever it takes to win, in any situation. Wants a baby to solidify her relationship with Tyler and secure status with her family. She’s the oldest of three girls and her younger sisters both have several children. She feels if she cannot have a child, she will get less attention and has “lost.” Bold, confident, gregarious narcissist that will say or do anything to get what she wants.

Secondary characters:
• Dr. Larson: older (late 60s/70s) professional gentleman; distinguished
• Marcia Harris: woman in her 40s/50s; metropolitan art gallery curator with good sense of style; professional and serious
• Sue: “Midwestern” woman in her 60s/70s; strong Minnesotan accent; nosey neighbor
• Real Estate Agent: man or woman; age range 30s-60s

…Plus a dozen other tertiary characters or background extras…

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Rochester, MN
Please submit to: by 2018-03-15

This casting notice was posted by: Jessica Prihoda, Social Media Producer

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