Auditions in Chicago for Student Short


Moon Girl

Location: Chicago

Type: Student Films


Story Synopsis
A superhero short about Moon Girl and the Prince, as they battle with Satana, Queen of the Underworld, in her latest caper: a diamond heist deep in the heart of the city.

Moon Girl (Female, 23-30 years old)
A superhero dedicated to protecting the city of Rawley. A fierce warrior with sensational strength and endurance, she’s as beautiful as she is powerful.
Brunette/black hair
Stage combat training strongly preferred

The Prince (Male, 23-30 years old)
Moon Girl’s arrogant superhero partner. Athletic and well-built, he is described as a true son of Hercules. He tends to be very over-confident and sometimes condescending.
Ideally over 6’0”
Black hair ideally
Stage combat training strongly preferred

Satana (Female, 25-35 years old)
The Queen of the Underworld in the city of Rawley. With no superhuman abilities, she has a cunning criminal mind and fierce fighting skills. She rules with an iron fist.
Stage combat training strongly preferred

Satana’s Henchmen (Male, 21-30 years old)
Followers of Satana that carry out her criminal capers. They range from dim-witted to paranoid of the heroes, also fearful of Satana and wouldn’t dare to upset her.
Stage combat training a plus

Hulking Henchman
Satana’s “champion”. A man of such physical strength, he doubles as Satana’s lead bodyguard. Is essentially built like a bodybuilder and doesn’t say much.
Stage combat training a plus

Send a headshot and resumé to Tavia at

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Chicago
Please submit to: by 2018-06-29

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