Auditions in Seattle for Multiple University of Washington Film Projects


Univ of Washington Thesis Capstone Film Project

Location: Seattle WA

Type: Film

Readings from sides, which will be provided at audition.
No preparation necessary

These are the final thesis projects for students graduating in the UW-PCE Film & Video Program


Title: WOUND

Recovering alcoholic Adelaide uses a mysterious pocket watch to travel back in time, hoping to change a tragic moment in her past. But once she gets there, she finds it hard to control where she is. So she must repeat the process. As she does, we—and Adelaide—come to learn how she was the cause of her own worst wounds. But there’s still time for Adelaide to learn to live with herself, even if it’s only one day at a time.

Adelaide – female, late 20s/early 30s, any ethnicity but WOC strongly encouraged to audition. Adelaide is a single mother and recovering alcoholic loyal to what she loves most…the nourishing and the destructive.

Bev – female, late 20s, any ethnicity but WOC strongly encouraged to audition. Bev is a shy Seattle transplant trying to find an authentic human connection through the bar/club scene after tiring of the never-ending Seattle Freeze.

The Child – any gender, 2-3, any ethnicity. (In one shot only)


Christine and Ellie have one last night together before Ellie moves half way round the world. Over a meal and more, things are said—-and not said— revealing once again how hard it is to love and be loved.

Christine – Mid to late 20s, Asian-American. Christine is a successful consultant stationed temporarily in Seattle.
She is deeply analytical, practical, and realistic, and is bothered by her inability to define or somehow quantify her casual relationship with Ellie.

Ellie – Mid to late 20s, Asian-American. She is a portrait photographer with spontaneous plans to move to Australia and learn nature photography. She is confident, charismatic, and commitment-phobic, having been burned by love too many times before.

A diverse group of people are discouraged by the seemingly unattainable perfection of the lives portrayed on social media; but thanks to the action of one woman and her honesty, their experiences slowly merge together and they find true connection.

Cassie: young woman, 20s, any ethnicity

Brian: teen (or teenage looking) male, any ethnicity, around 18

Rachel: middle-aged woman, any ethnicity, preferably long hair

Rachel’s Husband Brad: middle-aged man, any ethnicity

Melanie: College age (or college age looking) young woman, white ethnicity, preferably blonde but this is not mandatory

Send photo/headshot by Thur March 29, 2018

University of Washington, Seattle campus

Please also see the following pdf: Ari-wslate

weekends from 4/7-4/28

Payment: Other
SAG-AFTRA student film contract- Deferred

City or Location of call: Seattle WA
Please submit to: by 2018-03-29

This casting notice was posted by: Maria Gargiulo, Exec Prod. Univ of Washington Film Prog

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