Casting Call in Los Angeles for Mockumentary Student Project



Location: Los Angeles

Type: Student Films

Sockumentary is a comedy mockumentary that follows the stories of two families. One family, Marjorie (mother) and David (high school aged son), are somewhat reclusive lower-middle class family that are obsessed with socks. This is to due to the fact that they believe that if they ever go sockless for more than a couple minutes, they will catch hypothermia and die. The other family, Mary (mom) and Harry (again a high school aged son) are a much more well off religious extremist family, much like a classier (and less controversal) Westborough Baptist Church type family. They are religiously opposed to socks, furthermore, Harry, keeps on having visions from God to destroy the other sock loving family. The two boys are water polo players and the inciting incident takes place at a public swimming pool during a water polo game, so please know how to swim.


Marjorie: The lower middle class mom, she enjoys spending time on the couch covered in blankets, knitting and drinking soup, she is very strict with her son, david, especially when it comes to socks. She is middle aged or older with mousy brown hair and a northwestern vibe. If she were a state she would be Rhode Island.

David: Marjourie’s son. David is a small, slightly muscular teen boy who plays water polo and likes spending time in his room. he feels like an outcast and is ready to rebel against his mom’s strict sock policy. Must be able to imitate water polo. His spirit state would be Northern California.

Mary: The upper-middle class mom, Mary is classy and a master of southern hospitality, she enjoys iced tea and making people feel welcome in her home (granted thay aren’t wearing socks) She also enjoys jogging and being fit and active in general, of course, when she jogs, she only does it barefoot or with sandals. She is very much a follower of her son, and sees him as a conduit of God. Actress must be willing to act like a protester (anti socks) and be willing to talk to various people on the street about the dangers of socks. Her spirit state would be Utah.

Harry: Mary’s son, Harry is a water polo player like David, albeit on a different team, he is a charismatic and athletic rich kid but is also extremely religious and has moments when he communicates with God. Harry has no qualms with his mother and does not need to demand respect from her, as he already has it. Actor must also be willing to do on-the-street style skits and pull attention to himself in public. His spirit state would be New Jersey.

We will be shooting from Monday, December 10th to Sunday, December 16th

Please Contact:

Producer: Charlie Sisk: (310)-936-1441


Director: Emeilien Sahli:

The script :

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Los Angeles
Please submit to: by 2018-11-13

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