CBS New Talent Show “The World’s Best” Online Auditions Worldwide

By | March 15, 2018

Audition to be on The World’s Best

CBS is getting into the talent show game and is now on the hunt for The World’s best talent.

CBS has a new show coming out to take on the prime time singing and talent completions and they are not just looking for the best talent in certain areas, they are looking for the top talent and performers from across the globe.  This new show is open to every talent in every nation and they are holding online auditions to find the best performers in the world.

The new show comes to CBS from some heavy hitters in the reality show arena, Mark Burnett and Mike Darnell (The Voice and American Idol). Mark Burnett is is behind NBC’s hit The Voice and executive produces that show while Mike Darnell heads up reality at Fox. Mike Darnell was at the helm for the first 12 seasons of American Idol and is a pro at reality talent shows.

According to a Deadline article, The World’s Best has been in the making for some time now. The upcoming reality talent search will be the first ever to offer a talent competition for a pool of worldwide talent. While most reality talent shows cast talent in certain geographical areas, the new CBS show, “The World’s Best,” is losing any borders and is described as a first-of-its-kind global talent competition that features acts from every genre imaginable, from every corner of the planet.

This new worldwide talent competition will bring in judges from around the globe.  Talent competing on the show will not only need to impress the panel from their own country, but also an extended panel of entertainment experts from around the globe which according to the show will be comprised of “50 of the world’s most accomplished experts from every field of entertainment.”  Yep, seems there will be an awful lot of judges on this panel.

Seems that the new CBS talent reality show will have few genre bounds and will embrace the music styles of many nations around the world.  All genres of music are able to apply as well as all age groups.  However, the talent show does not stop with music.  The show will be holding auditions for performers of all kinds.  Think America’s Got Talent, worldwide.  That’s right, performers of all kinds are welcome… singers, dancers, stunt performers, magicians, circus acts, talented kids, and any other amazing acts that are able to take the world by storm.

According to the Deadline story, Sharon Vuong, CBS’ SVP, Alternative Programming stated that “This is a unique, original format with global scale led by two of the most accomplished producers on television,” adding that “Mike and Mark are not only the very top producers in the genre, but they also understand how to create compelling competition and build enduring franchises.”

The show’ also added that “The time has come to take talent competition shows to the next level and bring in judges from around the world to decide on the ultimate winner,” said Burnett. “It’s like the Olympics for entertainment, but you don’t have to wait every two years.”

Interested? Here is the info:

CBS is NOW CASTING the ONLY worldwide televised talent competition series. This is the only stage in the world where the masters of every craft from music to variety can showcase their talent and compete for the title of THE WORLD’S BEST.

All ages, from any genre of talent welcome. If you are considered the best of your craft in the industry, we want YOU. Now accepting submissions for soloists, duos, and large groups. If you are a jaw-dropping stunt performer, musician, groundbreaking world-renowned dance act, award-winning magician, prestigious circus performer, child prodigy, or any other top-notch variety act apply now!

Do you have the talent and determination to be crowned THE WORLD’S BEST and receive a life-changing cash prize?  Well if so, check out this page to apply and maybe you will be crowned the “World’s Best.”


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