Voice Actors in Pacific Northwest for “Dement”



Location: Pacific North West

Type: Voice

“Dement” is a horror game that relies on perception. It’s a race against time to protect those you love, and danger lurks at every turn. Reality is what you believe it to be, and sometimes you can’t afford to believe only in yourself.


Richard is the main companion of the protagonist, guiding them through the dangers they experience. His voice is a deep, throaty rasp, characteristic of a chain smoker. He is fond of ominous statements that may or may not actually be relevant to the plight of the protagonist.

Residents of a city in the Pacific Northwest. Creativity and versatility and are encouraged.
Sample Lines: (Please record variety of moods for delivery– angry, friendly, resigned, afraid, joking, etc.)

A) Watch it! That’s an antique.
B) My mother liked to chew gum.
C) Boats sink if you tip them.
D) How much for those lilies?
E) Maybe next time let’s not try the corner store sushi.
F) Around the rocks the rugged rascal ran.
G) Rats man, you won’t believe what they’re capable of.
H) Somebody help! Stop the train! Stop the train!
I) This is it. There’s nothing we can do.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Nationwide
Please submit to: jadeaaubuchon@gmail.com by 2018-12-21

This casting notice was posted by: Paracytik Entertainment

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