Zombie Movie Auditions in Chattanooga, TN


Foreman Empire Productions in Association with Oblivion Pictures are now casting for a Zombie Thriller.

Found Footage Feature Film in Chattanooga, TN and surrounding areas.

The zombie thriller will be filming in Chattanooga, TN and surrounding areas this summer and is sure to be an amazing a horrific experience for experienced and inexperienced actors.

This is an unpaid gig but all actors will receive water and snacks daily, exposure on the internet and film festival competitions, and will receive finished product for their demo reels and resumes.



*Must be able to pass as High School Senior*

Ethnicity- Caucasian

Body Type- Slim

Sandy is a high school senior. The popular “prom queen”. Sandy is smart, calm, and a bit of a know it all.


*Must be able to pass as a High School Senior*

Ethnicity- Caucasian or biracial

Body Type- Slim

*Must be comfortable playing an emotional homosexual character*

Calvin is a hilarious and flamboyant high school senior. Very popular and extremely attractive.

*Strong Actor who is able to bring out strong emotions*


*Must be able to pass for a late 20’s or Mid 30’s Male*

Ethnicity- African American

Body Type- Athletic/Muscular

Victor is a strong and tall father of Joshua. He is extremely head strong, fierce, and cares about his son Joshua more than anything in the world.


*Male Child between the ages of 10 – 12* OR *Male Teenager between the ages of 13 – 15*

Ethnicity: African American or Biracial

Body Type: Short and slim

Joshua is the son of Victor. Joshua is a very emotional yet strong young man. Taking after his father, Joshua is headstrong, smart but becomes the opposite in the face of danger at times.



*Must be able to pass for a mid 30’s-early 40s Woman*

Ethnicity- African American

Body Type- Slim

Cynthia is the aunt of Egypt. Cynthia is a music producer and manager for music artist in Atlanta, GA. She is so consumed in her work she barely has time for her nephew, who’s parents died just one year ago.

Woman Survivor:

*Must be able to pass for a 30 year old*

Ethnicity- Open

Body Type- Open

This role will be in the middle of the woods running and fighting off zombies before their death.


*Must be able to pass for a young late 20s – early 30s male*

Ethnicity- Open

Body Type- Slim and Tall

Tanner is a lost survivor looking for his sister. He comes across some of the main cast threading their lives after he learns they’ve come across her.


We are casting for 15 – 25 people to play zombies. This will require all members to attend a zombie school training courses to prepare for your role. This is mandatory and must be taken as this will help everyone become just what we are looking for our zombies to look and act like. This will require lots of physical movement, running, jumping and tackling. It is extremely important that you attend this zombie school training course to prepare for this role.

For all who are applying for an audition please email FOREMANEMPIRECASTINGS@GMAIL.COM you must have your Head Shot, Body Shot, Resume, Demo Reel (If available), phone number, age, location, and Role you are applying for in SUBJECT area. ALL MATERIALS MUST BE IN EMAIL TO BE CONSIDERED.


Assistant Director

We are in search of an assistant director to assist the main director for the film. Experience in found footage directing is not required but must have a background in directing films. Must be willing to learn how to direct found footage style films if selected.

Special FX Artist

We are also in search of Special FX make up artist to bring our zombies and death scenes to life.

Personal Assistant

We are in search of a personal assistant to assist the director with production, cast members and zombie school.

Crew Members

We are in search of crew members to help out with production and zombie school. Making sure all actors are safe, hydrated, and well kept.

All interested production members email foremanempirecastings@gmail.com with your name, photo, location, phone number, age, and what you are applying for in the SUBJECT area.


Summer 2018 Between July 2018 and August 2018.


Chattanooga, TN and surrounding areas.


Red Bank, Tennessee


Coolidge Park; Chattanooga, TN


TBD after casting is complete.


4 thoughts on “Zombie Movie Auditions in Chattanooga, TN

  1. Joe Osage

    hello I would have loved to play the role of tanner. I’m native american and I always see a lot of other ethnic races in movies but never a native american. We don’t exist? I would love to have the honor in portraying this role.

  2. Payton Shoe

    Hi I am an 18 year old male interested in a role in your film. I am interested in Calvins role or being one of the zombie extras. I have some previous acting experience in a few high school plays but nothing much more. I hope to hear back sometime soon.

  3. Adriana Marcela Ramirez

    hello I’m interested in an actress role specifically in the sandy one.
    I have a question, you have to send the pictures, that is, the book or something like that or we have to go directly to the casting in the right place.
    Thank you for your attention.
    I am looking forward to your response.

  4. Dwight

    I am willing to be a part of that movie. I am graduated both junior and senior high with experience of directing a play, script-writing, and an actor at the same time.


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