Actors for Indie Film in Boynton Beach, FL

By | January 9, 2019


Location: Boynton Beach, FL

Type: Film

Ages: 14-16
A young student who, in hopes of escaping his outside life, is temporarily living inside his school since he started there. Blaise is suffering from severe depression and schizophrenia. During the day he is an average student but at night he is wandering around the empty building, sleeping in classrooms and trying to piece his life back together.

Ages: 14-16
Blaise’s friend. He is quickly angered by anything around him. Mostly Dan annoys him with his smart remarks about anything Adam does. He likes his friends regardless of his issues with them.

Ages: 14-16
Blaise’s friend. Has a sarcastic personality. Dan is usually flooding his friends with his “smartass” remarks and his viewpoints on life piss off Adam every time they meet.

Ages: 14-16
Blaise’s friend. Acts like the “cool” one. He likes talking back to teachers and believes that being a high school dropout is cool because one of his favorite TV show character was one.

Ages: 14-16
She should serve as a clichéd love interest but instead she takes it to a new level with her rebellious and sarcastic personality. She seems to understand Blaise’s struggles and is committed to leading him out of the school.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Boynton Beach, FL
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This casting notice was posted by: Bum Place Productions

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