Actors in Vancouver Canada for “Bulletin” Student Film Project – Canada



Location: Vancouver

Type: Student Films

Casting Call for 2 ep web series called Bulletin
-Student Project from Vancouver FIlm School
-Non-union (cannot work with union actors)
-No pay, but will provide lunch, IMDb credit and footage for reel
-Casting Location: Vancouver FIlm School
-Casting dates: March 15,16,17
-Callbacks: March 22,23,24
-Please Email Headshot, resume, and demo reel (if available) to

Natalie, a modern-day Kitty Foreman, always fantasized her perfect life looking like a 50’s edicate training video. In 2019 she’s created this world for herself with a happy husband, a happy stepdaughter, a perfectly maintained house and a little slice of pie heaven. One day Natalie’s routine is shaken by a new neighbor, Daniel Coleman, moving in. Her perfect life slowly begins to shatter when the closed doors of her dark past are reopened by Daniels presence. To make things worse, Natalie starts receiving packages containing mysterious items of a tragic event from her past she thought was buried. Natalies colourful life begins to fade to darkness, as Daniel works his way in with the rest of the family. Natalie begins to question everything from Daniels intentions to her own sanity.

Natalie (Female – 40s) – Lead
Seemingly sweet and caring housewife that hides a dark past. Natalie presents herself as calm and collected towards the public, including her one family, but starts to breakdown with the arrival of a new neighbour. This arrival has the potential to reveal something that happened in her past, which she desperately wants to keep a secret. She is obsessive, jealous, and delusional. She loves the idea of her family, and will do anything to preserve that idea.

Daniel (Male – 20s) – Principal
Daniel is the mysterious neighbour who has just moved in next door. He is extremely polite, well mannered, and friendly (maybe a little too friendly). He does anything to impress Natalie and her family in order to get close. He is driven to become close to the family as he believes Natalie is responsible for growing up in a broken family.

Jack (Male – 40s) – Principal
Jack, husband to Natalie and father to Sarah, is the best realtor in town. He thrives on socializing and closing deals. He loves his clients and helping them find their dream homes. He takes to people very quickly and works hard to make people like him. He will do anything to support his family. His charm has no end. Although he loves Natalie and cares for her, he is completely unaware of her past life.

Sarah (Female – 20s) – Actor
Friendly and polite, she was raised by just Jack before he married Natalie when Sarah was 7. She hasn’t taken well to Natalie but is close to her father. She is constantly forced into the mold of Natalie’s dream child, which creates friction between the two characters and provokes Sarah to rebel. She is far closer to Jack and warms up quickly to Daniel.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Vancouver
Please submit to: by 2019-03-15

This casting notice was posted by: Vancouver Film School

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