Actress in L.A. for Scripted “Reality” Show Role

By | February 20, 2019


Location: Los Angeles, CA

Type: Reality TV

Role: CHELSEA. Female. Mid 20s. Any ethnicity. Organized and confident assistant to a major Hollywood actor.

Project Synopsis:

Sugarmodels, the revolutionary social networking app, has partnered up with a highly respected reality production company, The T Group, and are currently looking to cast actors for a scripted series (8-12 episodes) in which five Sugarmodels tell their story on TV. Improv skills would be helpful.

The concept is that of a social lifestyle accelerator. Familiarity with smartphones, and using social networking apps, will help you play the role of a Sugarmodel.

Project Notes:

This is made to seem like a reality tv show, highlighting the lives of four Sugarmodels living together and detailing their day- to- day experiences and potential romance with their Sponsors. This production sheds light on a rapidly evolving dating scene that is still somewhat underground, but will evolve to be an accepted mainstream dating ritual in the near future.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Los Angeles, CA
Please submit to: by 2019-02-25

This casting notice was posted by: Brian Roccio

One thought on “Actress in L.A. for Scripted “Reality” Show Role

  1. Tehillah okhawere

    Hi my name is Tehillah i have always wanted to act my whole life i am 12 years old, My dream has been to be a singer or an actor every time i imagine myself in this amazing tv show getting to know new people i some times don believe that i could be an actor but when i see other who accomplish i believe and i want to show other kids who want to be an actor or a sing so they could believe in themselves. I do not know if you will get this but please i really want this probably other people want it to but please.


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