Auditions in Los Angeles for Short Animated Film MOSCA!



Location: Los Angeles

Type: Other Projects

¡Mosca! Non-Union Independent Short Film (3-5 minutes)
Hybrid (Live-Action and Animation)
1 day Shooting Week of 1/13

Please send headshots to the email listed.

¡Mosca! is a live action-animation hybrid short film about a fly who is willing to do whatever it takes to fill its belly, and an old woman determined to keep it away from her homemade Menudo. These two go toe-to-toe in a comical and thrilling battle of acrobatic flying stunts and weaponized kitchen utensils. Their battle pushes them to their limits, pitting relentless determination against unapologetic stubbornness, which leads them both to unexpected fates.

[OLD LADY] [AGE: 65 – 90] [HEIGHT: Below 5’4″]

This is a non-speaking role that will rely on a wide range of expressive emotions as well as some physical comedy.

Old Lady is a grumpy widowed old Mexican lady who, despite her late husband having passed many years ago, still faithfully sets the table for two for their traditional homemade Menudo on Sunday mornings. When her routine is interrupted by an unwelcome visitor, a Mosca (animated fly) looking for a meal, her slow and crotchety demeanor quickly turns into rage and insanity as she chases it through her kitchen. By the end of the film, we are able to catch a glimpse of her soft empathetic and nurturing side.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Los Angeles
Please submit to:

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