Auditions in Singapore for Actors



Location: Singapore, Nationwide

Type: Student Films

Student Short Film (5 mins)
Republic Polytechnic – School of Technology and the Arts
Director: James Spencer Lum
Contact: Nabil Nasrulhaq Bin Azlin (HP: 8821 4065) (Email:
Colton (Male) (40 Yrs Old) (Any Race)
Safeer (Male) (30 Yrs Old) (Indian)

Audition Dates: 21 November 2019
Location: Republic Polytechnic
Shooting Dates: 12 & 13 December 2019
Compensation: $20/Day

Synopsis: Speaking Test
Safeer, an upcoming detective comes to Singapore to look for a new job. He then interviews for a detective agency called Colton Ex. The CEO, Colton interviews Safeer for the job, only to belittle and underestimate his expertise in detective work. Little did he know, Colton offended the wrong detective.

Character Bios:
Colton (Male) (40)
Colton has been working hard as a senior private investigator. He’s solved many cases and has a reputation for being a bloodhound. He sniffs people’s lies instantly and manages to solve cases within a few days. Now, he’s started his own company. Recruiting Private Investigators. His egotistical nature lingers in the office. Everyone in the office respects him. Most out of fear.

Safeer (Male) (30)
Safeer was born in Nagalia, India with a strong accent with poor English. He comes to Singapore as an immigrant to find higher-income jobs as well to find a fresh start/escape in a new working environment; to be a detective. Safeer tends to bottle up his feelings and has random outbursts.

Please submit to audition for either of the above roles by emailing Nabil Nasrulhaq at Please provide your age, a picture of yourself, contact details and whether you can attend both the audition and the shooting dates.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Singapore, Nationwide
Please submit to: by 2019-11-20

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