Auditions in St. Louis for Student Film “Burner”



Location: St. Louis, MO

Type: Student Films


When a passive stoner-by-default’s car is stolen, a local vigilante convinces him to steal it back.

Character Descriptions:
[ALEC] Early 20s, a stoner-by-default, misfit. He just can’t seem to fly under the radar. Maybe something in him doesn’t really want to. He’s not apathetic, just discouraged. A bright kid with hidden potential, Alec could really go somewhere if he did anything other than smoke weed and read comic books.

[DANTE/”BURNER”] Early 20s, impossibly chill by day, badass by night. As Dante, he is calm, collected, and, above all, comfortable. He’ll do anything for a good reason. He’s a loyal friend with straight-forward values. As “Burner,” he’ll kick your ass swiftly without putting out his spliff. Long as he’s got a good reason. What you think of him doesn’t really matter. His steaze speaks for itself. Martial arts or dance skills are a plus but not mandatory.

[DUDE 1] 20s, a weed dealer/car jacker. He’s the brawn of this outlet. Hotheaded and impatient, Dude 1 is impulsive to a fault. He’ll jump into any situation that he sees as a come-up. Likes Hot Pockets. Martial arts or dance skills are a plus but not mandatory.

[DUDE 2] 20s, a weed dealer/car jacker. The brains. Not that he’s a whole hell of a lot smarter than Dude 1. But at least he’s got a plan. That and two rifles he stole from his dad.

[VOICE (O.S.)(1)] Mid 40s – Could be Dante’s mother OR father. A good parent, albeit overwhelmed. They’ve always got to be alert with Dante, he’s a lot to handle. 21 years of him has made them skeptical and suspicious, but they love him nonetheless.

[MUGGER (O.S.)] Late 30s, a real son-of-a-bitch. He’s got to eat, just like the rest of us… but he doesn’t have to be such a dick about it. He’s got an attitude like he just lost his house in the divorce.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: St. Louis, MO
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