Casting Exes’ in SoCal Trying To Get Their Stuff Back


Got an ex who will not give back your stuff?

A production company wants to help and seems like if they still refuse to give up your stuff, you may still get paid for it from the show.

Ready to get back your stuff? read on for the details.

Please note that this casting is only for those that are located in the Southern California area (Los Angeles, Orange County, etc.)

Now Casting: Exes in SoCal! Does your ex still have something of yours? Let us help you Take It Back!

Same-day-pay opportunity for individuals 18+ in/near Southern California.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been broken up for 3 days or 3 years… if you’re friends or foes… if you were dating, engaged or married… or what the item is as long as it’s important to you… a Major Digital Platform wants to share your story.

If your ex still has the CD you got signed by your favorite band, the puppy you adopted together, that pair of sneakers you spent hours in line for, the perfume/cologne you love, etc. we can help you Take It Back.

This is a same-day-pay opportunity for individuals 18+ in/near Southern California. Do not mention anything to your ex before/after applying. We will help with that process if you are selected.

Please see the following page for all the details:

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