“Chicago Fire” New Season Cast Call for Extras in Chicago Area


NBC’s “Chicago Fire” is in production of the new 2019 / 2020 season

The show’s casting directors are now booking talent to work as paid background actors on Chicago Fire.

Chicago Fire” is produced by Emmy Award-winning executive producer Dick Wolf, the same man that is behind the very popular “Law and Order” franchise. “Chicago Fire” is now filming the new season in …. you guessed it, the Chicago area.  The show follows the lives of the men and women who work at the fictional firehouse 51. The high octane drama gives viewers a glimpse into the lives of firefighters, paramedics and rescue workers who put their lives on the line on a daily basis. The successful show launched a spin-off  called “Chicago P.D. a few years back followed by another spin-off  “Chicago Med.” This past year, NBC launched a 4th Chicago series, “Chicago Justice.”

That series is also currently in production in the Chicago area as are the other 3 NBC Chicago shows.

extras casting call on NBC "Chicago Fire"

This does film in the Chicago area – Please only apply if you are local to Chicago and have full availability for the work dates listed.

Get Cast in Chicago Fire

Searching for TEENS, MALE AND FEMALE, ages 16 to 19, to play a FEATURED non speaking VICTIM role on “Chicago Fire” for our next episode. We will shoot after the Holiday some time between Jan. 6th thru Jan 15th. This will be a one day shoot and involve going to a wardrobe fitting some time before the shoot, there might also be a still photo shoot involved.

To apply send a recent color photograph with your height, weight, age, phone number, city, state, and clothing sizes to Fire8xtra@gmail.com and put “Featured Teen” in the subject line.

The director might want to meet a few teens. Please let us know your acting experience, if any.

SEND IN ASAP as we are casting this role now.

Searching for men to place a featured role as a sketchy guy (mid 20’s, open ethnicity) for our upcoming episode on Chicago Fire. Especially looking for not-clean-cut types. The exact filming date is TBD but could fall between January 6th and January 15th. Please submit to fire8xtra@gmail.com. Include your photo, name, age, height, weight, and phone number. Put “Sketchy Guy” in the subject line.

Searching for a latina or caucasian female (20’s, size Medium) who can rush in today for a wardrobe fitting and can work in our exciting nail salon scene this Thursday December 12th! Please submit ASAP to fire8xtra@gmail.com. Include your photo, name, age, height, weight, clothing sizes and phone number. Put “Rush Nail Salon” in the subject line & let us know how close you are to Cinespace.

Be sure to also check out the casting calls for Chicago Fire’s sister show, Chicago Med.

Chicago Fire season 5 cast

45 thoughts on ““Chicago Fire” New Season Cast Call for Extras in Chicago Area

  1. Daniel Fraley

    Would love to be on Chicago fire for any part, Dad, Uncle, and cousin, we’re all Chicago fireman. I live on the southside.

  2. Jerry Walker

    I would love to be on any of the Chicago shows.

  3. Robert Shane Raley

    Hi my name is Robert Shane Raley. I am a volunteer firefighter Fire Department in Lewes Delaware and I would like to be extra on Chicago Fire. I love the TV show & I watch it every week. I’ve been the volunteer firefighter for 10 years now.


    I’ve Always Dreamed and wanted as my Mother Did to be on the Screen making Action Movies. Being a Professional Actor is a Career that is an American DREAM in my World. I’m a Chicagoan and Believe as Long as There’s Life, There’s a Chance. Available at Hired.

  5. Bria Hampton

    Hi, my name is Bria Hampton I’m 23, 5’7, African American and I’m interested in being an extra in the show. I live in Dolton, Il and if chosen transportation will not be an issue.

  6. Melanie Lewis

    Hi, my name is Melanie. I’m a Chicago resident and I’m 29 years old. I have reliable transportation and I am available whenever needed, hope to hear from you soon!

  7. Kelly Ricciardi

    My mother & I are interested in doing this for fun. We are friends with & have been on movie sets before. (Mike & dave need wedding dates with Zach Effron ; Lisa Satriano) Lisa is a friend of ours. I am 16 yrs old ; I have been sick for the last 2 yrs. I’m online schooled so we have lots of free time. We are hard workers.

  8. LUIS

    Hi My Name is Luis I’m a Latino male 45. I’m a firemen in ROCKFORDS Northwest area. I’m interested How do I apply?

    1. erica Post author

      The email address is on the post. I believe you just email them.

  9. Marion Trometer

    I am a physically fit 5’8″ female senior citizen, 80, with natural salt & pepper hair, live in NW Chicago suburbs. I keep very busy but am available almost any day.. . . . . . .Marion

  10. Rebecca

    Hello, my Name is Becky and I am only 51. 😉 -and I would LOVE to an extra on the show. I am a hop, skip and a jump from Chi-Town, since I live in the NW suburbs. I am wide open, and at your beckon call for some TV magic.

    Hope to hear from you!

  11. Erik Griffin

    I have firefighter training and ems training.

  12. Karen

    All of you who have written here, in response to the Extras call, need to read the instructions. They do not care if you are a fan of the show or how many kids you have.

  13. Cynthia kehn

    I’m 56 years young grandma and I would LOVE to add this to my bucket list? My daughter thinks I’m dramatic (coming from a 20 year old) so this might be right up my alley?

  14. Lauren Fran Foster

    I’m 65 year old substitute teacher at the juvenile detention center I can be seen in the movie “SHOT IN THE DARK ” FOX SPORTS TV Producer Dwayne Wade and Chance “The Rapper” as the basketball trainer of the Orr HS Boys BB Team located in the Garfield Park area. In 2017 Lifetime “Bringing Up Ballers” as a basketball trainer as well. I’m athletic and capable of acting as well.

  15. Patrick

    I have no acting experience but wouldn’t it be a good story to tell about an actor that auditioned with no credibility and nails our scenes? I look forward to working with you.

  16. Tiffany S. B. Blair

    I love Chicago fire and am an actress / model. I appeared as an extra on Chicago PD, the TV show. My mom and I watch Chicago Fire all the time. I’d love to be on Chicago fire, it’s exciting.

  17. Valerie Briones

    Live in the city so it’s not a problem being on time to the set.
    Have done modeling and some acting in school. Looking for a job in any show that is filmed in my home city. I am Mexican American and speak Spanish. Hope to hear from you.

  18. Joshua Berryhill

    Hi my name is Joshua, I’m born and raised in Bridgeport, off 31st & Halsted. Heavily tattooed sleeves on both arms. South side Irish and can be there any time to fill in!

  19. Kevin C. Freel

    I think I have submitted my info a number of times. I still have not heard back. Please
    contact me. I’m older and available, 6’4″, white, and fit.

    Please let me hear from you Chicago Med,Fire, and PD.

    1. erica Post author

      All anyone can do is just send in the info. Casting directors for large shows will only contact people that they would like to cast. They may not reply to those that do not fit the immediate criteria so basically, you only hear from them if they need you on set. This is an extras casting call and most extras casting directors get way more applicants than they can use. If you live in the Chicago area, you need to be sure to only apply if you completely fit the needs requested (look, age, height, etc.)

  20. Imani Shamsuddin

    I am an African American young lady. I am 17 years old and I have been an extra in Chicago fire when I was younger. I would love to be an extra again. I am 5’6″ and am able to work night.

  21. Rodney Greene

    Hello my name is Rodney Greene, and I submitted my information January 30th at 12:19 am to be booked for the “Mayor’s Office.” I truly would like to be considered for one of the roles, either speaking or non-speaking. I know I would be perfect for the part since I was the City Clerk for Evanston for 9 years. I know the terminology and the function of a Mayor’s Office. I look forward to a call from you. Thanks in advance for this opportunity to once again be a part of this production.

  22. Tarence clark

    I would love to be a part of this project. I love the show. I live here in the Chicago land area and available for any schedule. I can cry.

  23. Kyle Brackman

    I live in Delta, Ohio and I can fly there.

  24. Marlene Goodman

    I could be an extra. I am a flex-time freelance artist. I would love to hear back from Chicago Fire.

  25. Emily

    This right here would be my dream, whether or not it’s a talking role. I am a local firefighter of my town and would be extremely interested in any role. I live in upstate NY and there really are little to no opportunities!

  26. Rodney Washington

    Hi my name is Rodney Washington. I am from Chicago. 30yr old male 5,10 170lbs.

  27. Joe Taylor 1st Lt Fire/2nd Capt EMS

    Hey I’m a volunteer ff/emt and I would love to be a part of any of the Chicago shows. Please keep me in mind. 6’2″ mixed male.

  28. Larry wims

    Hi, my name is Larry wims, I look forward to hearing from you guys, as soon as a casting position becomes available. Thank you, in advance.

  29. Joel Hinzman

    51 year old male, beard, longer hair, blue eyes, 5’10” 175 pounds. Daughter started freshman year at Columbia College Chicago this year. I was extra on Chain Reaction set in 90’s before I became full time dad. Any work in Chicago area would be great. Time for this old dude to follow my passion in film.

    1. Joel Hinzman

      51 year old white male, beard, longer hair, blue eyes, 5’10” tall, 175 pounds. Worked as extra on Chain Reaction.

  30. Marlene Goodman

    This is Marlene Goodman and I am a freelance artist so my schedule is often flexible. I’m in Wheeling and could make it down to your filming locations as an extra.

  31. Mike Kehoe

    Hello, I’m Mike and I have family in Franklin Park Illinois (daughter, son-in-law, and my 3 grandkids) they live 5 minutes from O’hare. I’m 60 years old and have worked on Jason Bourne and Godzilla and have experience in action & rescue scenes, i.e. running from gun fire, being rescued from a collasped building by fire fighters etc. I have traveled to Atlanta, LA, or anywhere I’m neede. As a Chicago native I would love the opportunity work on any of the 3 shows. Thank you.

  32. George J. Kroeck

    I work for Cook County at the Dept. of Corrections and have been here for 37 years. In addition, I am a life-long Chicagoan and I believe I can bring some real insight as an extra in any of these programs. I am unaware of how to send a color photo, but the other information is readily available if you desire it.

  33. Crystal Durante

    I am a mom of three boys that love the show. I am currently working at DoorDash and would love to be a part of the show! My boys would be so proud!

  34. Glenn Wright

    Hello my name is Glenn Wright, I am a African American male. I have what it takes to be a great asset to Chicago Fire, Chicago PD or Chicago Med. I live in Maywood, I have reliable transportation to get wherever I’m needed if picked for this GREAT opportunity.

  35. anthony

    I’m interested in acting in Chicago Fire the show as a movie extra.

  36. Sabrina Harge

    Hi my name is Sabrina Harge and I would really like to be apart of this show. I Live in Chicago IL,

  37. melinda

    Hi my name is Melinda I am black and Hispanic, this would be a dream come true and an amazing experience for me. I live in Oklahoma and there’s not that many opportunities around here.

  38. Mahalia Blue Feliu

    I can fly in at any moment for an extra Casting let me know I and Monica Raymond are friends from St Petersburg.

  39. Shane Smith

    Hi my names Shane Smith and I would really like to be apart of this show. I live in Sauk village, Illinois, that’s like 20 minutes away from were you guys actually film the show, so if I were to be chosen, transportation would not be a problem.


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