Actor in NYC Area for Role in Film “The Call”


The Call

Location: New York, NY

Type: Film

Casting Notice for the role of ‘Man’ in the “The Call.” This is a story that takes place in the 1960s and focuses solely on Man (the main character) who is desperately trying to save the one and only thing that matters to him – his career.

Character Description:

The following is not just a description of Man’s physical traits but also a window into his current mental state. Man is Caucasian, has a lean build, and is or close to six feet tall. He wears a business suit that, once admired, is now wrinkled and unkempt. His hair, usually combed with intent to appeal, is now a mess as though forgotten. Features once considered attractive are now hidden by frantic eyes and a creased brow. Still it is clear he was once a man who cared about his appearance – perhaps some even considered him vain.

Production Description: The Call’ is written by Ryan Jafri and U.K. based screenwriter Ben Woodiwiss. Ryan will be directing this film. He has worked on several productions in the past ranging from indie features and shorts to Broadcast Television programming. Ryan also wrote and directed a short film called ‘The Cure,’ which has screened internationally and won two awards. ‘The Call’ will be produced by Aliki Paraschis of Adiuvo Productions. Aliki has produced numerous independent films, commercials, music videos, and projects for Broadcast Television around the world. She has collaborated with Revlon and Jennifer Connelly on a marketing campaign and Rolls Royce on a campaign of theirs as well.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: New York, NY
Please submit to: by 2020-08-21
Oneiro Films

This casting notice was posted by: Oneiro Films in association with Adiuvo Productions

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