Actors in Dallas Area for Indie Pilot


The project

Location: Dallas, Texas

Type: TV Pilot

Character description:

She is beautiful inside and out. She likes working out in the morning. She finds the good in everyone. She is easy to get along with. She likes to write, but shares it with no one. Behind her smile she is unsure about herself and hides it behind her laughter.

Alex/ Shiva
Very quiet man. He had a hard time in highschool where Victoria saved him from Highschool torture. He wears long sleeves to hide his scars on his arms. He was physically and mentally abused when he was a child so he has a hard time with opening up or feeling self worth . He has a hard time with change. He dresses a little bit sloppy. His work shirts are a little wrinkle and unkept. Victoria makes him feel good about himself. He feels emotional dependents.

Paul/ Paul
A business man that is tough. He has been with the network for 15 years. He is the head of the new programming and production team. He is very tall and intimidating. He dresses in a nice suit. He’s very quiet and he gets to the point.

Jacob/ Jacob
He dresses nice, but behind his smile he’s very deceiving. He grew up in a very conservative household.. Jacob and his Dad would bond over his work projects.
His father ended up passing away when he was in highschool because of a heart attack. Jacob, truly traumatized by his Dad’s passing, decides he wants to go into the same business as his father was a part of to keep connection with Dad. Jacob avoids relationships or getting close to people because of his Dad.

Dalton/ Dalton
A man that dresses well. Will do anything to move to the top. Comes from a poor single parent family. His mother is everything to him and his Dad left when he was a kid. As a child he realizes that a man hurt his mom and men are out for themselves. So he becomes the person he hates the most in his cut throat world. He is quiet and strategizes every move he makes. He is like a snake in a garden ready to strike when it is necessary.

He is a good-looking police officer. He knows he is good-looking and flirts a lot. He pretends to care to keep many women around.

The girl everyone wants to date in the office. She is very sweet and down to earth. She likes karaoke and hanging out with her office friends.

Preston/ Preston
Is a good-looking guy. He’s an actor. He is very confident, but fun and flirtatious. He loves acting and will do anything for a role. He comes from a family of actors. His family never made it out of background acting, but he plans to get a main role and become the next Brad Pitt. He loves working out and taking pictures of himself.

James smith ( Victoria Dad)
Tough man that works for the FBI. Rough exterior and medium built. He has made it his mission to find his missing daughter. Over protective. Victoria stepfather that treats her like his biological child.

Sweet, lovable and curious. Kidnapped at an early age.

Catalina Morales
Spicy, spanish women. She is a producer that gets what she wants. She is between 30 and 35.
Independent women who are not afraid to step on people to get ahead.

Robert Brooks
He conversative and creative. He loves his job. Top player in his fields.

Payment: Other

City or Location of call: Dallas
Please submit to: [email protected] by 2020-10-13
Head shots /video reel or resume

This casting notice was posted by: Amy M Gokey

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