Actors of Color for Online Audio Drama


Detectives for Hire

Location: nationwide

Type: Web series

Looking to cast an actor of color or mixed race to play the lead role of Gino Rosetti in the audio drama ‘Detectives for Hire’ that is currently in production.

Currently running a fundraiser to raise funds and pay the cast and crew.

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12 episode audio drama comprising two seasons. Each season contains 6 episodes and season 1 is already written and being recorded by the rest of the cast. Each episode is approx. 30 mins long.

What happens when the worst private eye in the world and the best detective inspector at the SFPD team up? Everything going wrong. In a good way. But hey, it’s the 1940’s so grab a sarsaparilla, kick back, and enjoy the ride!

This story is an upbeat dramedy that follows the misadventures of Dalton: an angry human Pomeranian who runs on soda and spite and Gino Rosetti, God’s Italian gift to women and crime fighting.

Together, they team up and go on the weirdest cases while learning how to be friends along the way. If you’re a fan of Sherlock Holmes and character driven comedies, this story is for you!


A 32 year old Detective Inspector at the SFPD.

A mellow baritone: gentle, rich, and warm but conveys quiet authority.

He has a subdued melancholy and deep empathy for others. In his well defined chest beats the heart of a poet.

He is a lone introvert in a sea of high-maintenance extroverts.

May quite possibly be the only living person to receive the title of “saint” given his infinite patience and genuine love for others.

Understated and wise, he possesses hidden depths he keeps locked away from others and himself. Fears losing control.

32 years old but handles like 20.

The only thing better than his cooking is his thirst for justice.

Often the only sane man in a scene.

Has gravitas up the wazoo.

Husband material.

“It’s alright, you’re safe now. I’ve got you, I’ve got you. Can you stand? There you go. Lean on me, that’s it. Hurry, I don’t know how long they’ll stay down.”

“Don’t worry, the bullet only nicked it. Mind getting me some bandages and iodine from aisle 4? You can get those cheese crackers you were eyeing while you’re at it.”

[Gino slams his fist on the table. Everything rattles. He breathes heavily through his nose, trying to keep his anger from taking over. When he speaks again his voice trembles with cold fury.]

Gino: My one chance to solve this case up and vanishes. I should’ve been more careful. Should’ve broken his legs to make sure he couldn’t-

[He catches himself. He blinks rapidly and straightens, registering his own words.]

Gino: ah. No. No, that’s…I-I’m sorry. That was wrong of me to say something so…sorry. Forgive me, Lord. I just…

[He sighs, scrubbing a hand across his face.]

Gino: I need some air.”

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I look forward to hearing your auditions!

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City or Location of call: nationwide
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This casting notice was posted by: Smidgeon Pigeon Productions.

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