Auditions in Tucson, AZ for Student Comedy “Happy Campers”

By | October 9, 2020

Happy Campers

Location: Tucson, AZ

Type: Student Films

I’m currently casting for a wholesome comedy short film, titled Happy Campers. The short film details the adventures of five teenage cousins whose parents force them to go on a camping trip together to mend their broken relationship. Listed below are the role description for the five cousins. It’s preferred that the actors live in Tucson and the surrounding areas, but as long as all actors have transportation to each film shoot and actors from farther cities will be considered.

Characters do not have set appearances, except for their age and resemblance to other actors playing their siblings.

-Ages 16-18
-He and his younger sister, Jordyn, don’t look extremely similar, but they still slightly resemble each other.
-Ryan is the oldest cousin. He is logical and helpful but can be stubborn. He just wants to have a normal camping trip, but his cousins aren’t letting that happen.

-Ages 16-18
-Bears a strong resemblance to her younger brother, Logan.
-Natalie is the second oldest cousin. She is ultra responsible, practical, and the textbook definition of a perfectionist. She’s often frustrated by her cousins’ lack of work ethic but learns to relax by the end of the film.

-Ages 12-18
-She and her older brother, Ryan, don’t look extremely similar, but they still slightly resemble each other.
-Jordyn is smack dab in the middle of the cousins, age-wise. She is kind, idealistic, and charismatic. Throughout the camping trip, she pushes for everyone to get along, which leads to some arguments.

-Ages 12-16
-Bears a resemblance to his older sister, Natalie.
-Logan is one of the youngest cousins. He is impulsive, talkative, and snarky. He always has a one-liner to throw into an argument, but mostly because he feels like he has to stand out to get out of his older sister’s shadow.

-Ages 12-15
-He is an only child, so his resemblance to his cousins doesn’t matter as much.
-David is the youngest of the cousins. He is independent, quiet, and creative. He gets sick of his cousins’ bickering, leading to him leave the group and get lost.

-All roles are unpaid. This is just for fun and experience!
-YouTube and film festival exposure

-Filming begins in October 2020 and will continue through November. Filming will likely require an actual one or two-night camping trip.
-More information will be sent out with the official call sheet once the entire cast is gathered.
-Actual filming dates are highly flexible, and the actor’s schedules will be taken into account before planning shooting dates.
-This short film is being made for Cienega High School’s film production class. It will air on YouTube by December 2020. I, the director, am going to be applying for many film schools this year including UCLA and USC, meaning this film is going to be a part of the portfolio I show the admissions offices.
-More information will be sent out with the official call sheet once the entire cast is gathered.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Tucson, AZ
Please submit to: by 2020-10-12
As of right now, auditions are not required, and the roles are first come first serve. However, if more than one person wants to play a character, you may be asked to send a video of you saying sample lines. If you are interested, please send me an email with your full name, age, phone number, and which character you’re interested in, as well as a description of your experience in acting if you have it.

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