Chicago PD Extras Casting for New 2021 Season in Chicago Illinois


The TV show Chicago P.D. is filming new episodes for 2021 and casting.

The show films in Chicago. The extras casting team is currently booking locals who would like to tryout for small, non-speaking roles for the 2021 season of the show.

Please note that the show is only considering Chicago area talent who are available to work  on set shortly.   Please see the details below for submission information and availability requirements.

The show comes from Emmy-winning producer Dick Wolf who is also behind other popular police dramas such as the “Law & Order” series of shows.  The show premiered in 2014 and is going into it’s 6th year.

Chicago PDairs on NBC and was originally a spin-off of the Chicago Fire” series.  The series follows 2 units of the Chicago police department, an intelligence unit and a team of street cops.

District 21 of the Chicago Police Department is composed of the uniformed cops, who deal with street crimes, and the Intelligence Unit, which deals with major crimes like drug trafficking and high-profile murders. Sgt Hank Voight – a tough boss who doesn’t mind bending the rules a little in the pursuit of justice – heads the unit’s elite team. The responsibilities of life on the force take a toll on the officers, as they struggle to balance their personal lives with the strain of the job.




Hi, everyone! We’re beginning some very early prep for Episode 803 and will be looking for people to play family members of one of our day player actors, as well as a photo double for the actor. We don’t have specific dates yet, so we’re asking for submissions from people who have a very open or flexible schedule. There will be pre-employment testing, a wardrobe fitting, still photos, and on-camera work.
Please read the descriptions below very carefully, and if you fit the criteria, submit your information and photos to with the words in quotes as the subject line so we can find your submission easily.
VEHICLE INFO (if N/A, please state your transportation method)
*Please note you will not be working ALL days between that range – this is just to get an idea of your availability during prep and filming.

“REVENGE GONE WRONG” – Seeking African American, Puerto Rican, Hispanic/Latinx, biracial/mixed, ethnically ambiguous males and females, ages 20s-70s to play the slain family members of our day player actor. You will be taking family photos for set dressing, crime scene photos, and working on camera for the crime scene shoot. *Must be comfortable with SFX makeup and fake blood.*
-Pre-employment testing: $56 (half day’s pay for adults)
-Wardrobe fitting: $25 bump
-Still photos: $112/8 (if done on separate day than filming)
-Filming: $112/8 minimum; may be a higher rate depending on amount of SFX makeup and blood used. TBD until we have more information about the role.

“SEEING DOUBLE” – Seeking an African American, Puerto Rican, Hispanic/Latinx, biracial/mixed, ethnically ambiguous female or male, age 9-12 (preferably on the smaller/younger side) to work as a photo double for our day player actor. Height should be roughly between 4′ and 4’6″, and weight around 60-70 lbs. Please make sure to send CURRENT photos of your child so we can see their hair style, and include a copy of their work permit if we haven’t already confirmed we have it on file this season.
-Pre-employment testing: $75 (half day’s pay for minors)
-Filming: $150/8 (per day; multiple days expected – TBD)
*Also, note about minor work permits: We have been told that non-union background actors do NOT need a Coogan account. Please make sure to specify at the time of applying for your permit, that your child is BACKGROUND and non-speaking.

10 thoughts on “Chicago PD Extras Casting for New 2021 Season in Chicago Illinois

  1. Nancy Spano

    Chicago Med , Fire & P.D are my FAVORITE! I’m a working background actor! If there is ever work in N.Y I’d be so grateful!

  2. Dorothy Mitchell

    I am obsessed with this show, it’s so real.
    And I feel these actors are the most convincing I have ever seen. This is Chicago ?

  3. Lisa Kralka

    I am a 42 yrs old and female, I look younger. I can do anything that needs to be done and very street smart.


    Ready and can do any Character at any SHOOT.

  5. steven elliott pleasant sr

    Available for any Extra Possible.

  6. Gigi Tolson

    I am interested in speaking roles in Chicago.

    1. Gigi Tolson

      speaking it into existence, I got a speaking role on 1/30/2020

  7. Elaine Behrens

    I have an awesome storyline that involves Voight’s character. I would love to talk to the writer’s about it. I know he is very complex and it is a very intricate story.

  8. Elaine Behrens

    Why is it when I try to send my information to the it keeps coming back? Is the problem on my end? It happened last time I tried to apply to be on. I really want to try to get on these shows!

  9. saphya stapleton rangitaawa

    I would love to be in this show.


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