Docu-Series Casting Pregnant Women Who Are Single




Feel-good Docu-Series about being single and pregnant documenting the beautiful life-altering journey of two people who have decided to have a baby together even though you are no longer together romantically.

Seeking a variety of relationships with all kinds of scenarios.

*Are currently Single & Pregnant (by your ex or trying to conceive in the next couple of months)
*Are you a woman who asked your ex-husband or ex-boyfriend to be the father of your child (IVF or naturally) because you no longer wanted to wait to become a mom or DAD (& Vice Versa for DAD)
*oops we’re got pregnant, but we don’t want to be in a relationship or married to each other, so let’s figure out a plan to co-parent.
*If selected both parents will be Compensated $$

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