Major Cable Network Show Casting People With Money Problems in Los Angeles

Got issues with spending too much?

A major cable network show would like to hear about those problems to possibly cast you in a TV show where somebody can help you get a hold of your finances. The show is currently only casting in the Los Angeles, California area.


Do you or someone you know struggle with managing money?
No job, but spending like a millionaire? In massive debt, but can’t resist swiping your credit card on the latest trends? OR maybe you know someone who has money in the bank, but they’re not sure how to manage it or too scared to spend it?

We want to hear from you!

If your money issues are seemingly out-of-control, a major cable network wants to try and help you get a hold of your financial life!

Email us now at

  • Los Angeles and surrounding areas only
  • Compensation
  • Interview via zoom, shoot dates TBD in Jan/Feb

You may also check the link below for information about the producers.

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