Netflix Tattoo Redo Now Casting

By | November 15, 2021

Got a bad tattoo?

The Netflix tattoo show, Tattoo Redo is now casting people with bad tattoos who would love the opportunity to get those eyesores covered up by some amazing tattoo artists, on a tattoo show.

The show premiered in summer of 2021 and is now casting for a new season and new episodes of the tattoo reality show.  For more information about the show, you can check it out on Netflix or check out the netflix website which has videos of past episodes.

So, if you have a horrible tattoo that you would like to get covered up for free and possibly appear on Netflix Tattoo Redo…. keep reading.  The show is also taking nominations from people who know others with bad tattoos and would like to see their friends or family cover them up with something cool.


About the show:

The show premiered in 2021 and features people with tattoos they would like to forget getting them covered up by something they may love.

The brand-new show follows five established tattoo artists tasked with taking some of their clients’ most embarrassing or regrettable pieces of ink and working their magic to transform them into masterpieces. With Miryam Lumpini, Twig Sparks, Tommy Montoya, Matt Beckerich and Rose Hardy. From the “Ink Master” executive producer.

Bad tattoos walk in. Great tattoos walk out. Top artists transform tattoo disasters into stunning cover-ups, with designs chosen by clients’ loved ones.

200 thoughts on “Netflix Tattoo Redo Now Casting

  1. Alexis Roberts

    So unfortunately I have a terrible tattoo on my right arm. They are Chinese letters that my ex’s cousin decided to give me in a dark hotel room one night that never really got finished, I’ve tried to go to another tattoo shop and they only tried to add things to it instead of actually covering it to make it look better but now my arm just looks a a little messy and that a tattoo coverup is definitely needed. I’m constantly wearing long sleeves because of the embarrassment and memory of my ex. If picked I’d greatly appreciate it

  2. Evoncia Watson

    My daughter got a tattoo of her son’s initials in graffiti lettering on her right foot, then had it covered up with a “koi fish” ( tail isn’t attached, shading done with liner, scales different sizes) and waves going up her leg with a lily. She then had someone start a cover-up of the koi but never finish. She is in recovery and has started college, seeking her Master’s in Business. She’s completely changed her life for the better and I would love to reward all of her hard work.. This tattoo is terribly humiliating for her but was meant to be an endearing tattoo for her son. Please help me help her!

  3. Greg

    I have a tattoo from my drinking days that is very bad and in need of a redo. I go to beach or friend boating and I can not take my shirt off when females or kids are around, Very embarrassing.

  4. Christopher N.

    I have a tattoo from a dark time in my life done by a homemade machine. I have changed and gone on to the profession of helping others. I would love for my tattoo be a reflection of going from dark and poor quality into beautiful and reborn life I live today.

    Thank you kindly for your consideration.

  5. Gary cockrum

    I got a tattoo on my shoulder blade when I was 17. It was supposed to say dragon in Japanese but I found out YEARS! Later that it doesn’t say that. I honestly don’t know what it says lol?
    It’s been a source of laughter for my family but I really want it gone please!

  6. Miriam Stookey

    I would love to nominate my husband Brian to cover up his tatoo. He is a hardworking, smart father of 4. He has a Care Bear on his arm, and not because of his kids. He got this done when he was younger, and claims it is a devil with boxing shorts and gloves. Did I mention it id blue.

  7. Chelsy Barron

    My older brother has a bad tiger tribal tattoo he got when he was 18. Please help LOL.

  8. Kelly

    I have a ridiculous purple and yellow frog tattoo on my low back. It’s a terrible tramp stamp!

  9. Arieanna C.

    I have a tattoo I did for my grandfather when he passed away. I decided to get it on my collar bone, wanting it to be hidden. I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it either and really want it covered up with a possible sick, meaningful tattoo.

  10. Jamie Wilder

    I want to nominate my best friend, Taylor. When she was 18 she got an entire, poorly done sleeve full of bright colors and mistakes. She covers it up daily with long sleeves because of how embarrassed she is by it. I think this would be something that a talented artist could produce something she will love, while also being challenged!

  11. James helton

    My mom got a tattoo with my dads name in it 16+ years ago and is now married to someone else and needs it covered badly. Would be awesome if you guys considered it.


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