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Ink Master is coming back in 2019 for another new season and now casting tattoo artists and human canvases.

Looking to get a free tattoo on a TV show? Maybe you are a tattoo artist looking to give someone a tattoo on a TV show, well read on because Spikes “Ink Master” is looking to cast both.

Ink Master” has a nationwide call out for tattoo artists that are up to the challenge and ready to take on other Ink Masters for a chance to win $100k. The reality show is searching coast to coast for the countries best artists who thrive on competition and have an enormous personality that can win over some very tough judges.

No word yet as what “Ink Master” season 12 will bring on but previous seasons of the show did see a few changes .”Ink Master” saw Judges Oliver Peck and Chris Nuñez double as mentors with each judge creating their own team of 9 tattoo artists. The team with the winning work was safe from elimination and even had a say so in who on the opposing team should pack their tools and go home. The stakes are high… there is $100,000 up for grabs and the winner got to hang with their mentor as part of a tattoo shop residency.

Ink Master 2017 cast

Aside from the regular cast of tattoo artists, the show is also looking to cast human canvases… those are brave souls that are willing to let the competing artists go for the win via their skin. The show is casting human canvases of all tattoo levels, from those all inked up to those that are looking to get their very first tattoo.

Music artist Dave Navarro hosts the show.

try out for Ink Master 2015 / 2016 human canvas


Tattoo Artists & Human Canvases to be a part of INK MASTER Season 12!

Tattoo Artists

We are in search of highly skilled tattoo artists from across the country!

Put your tattooing skills to the test in this high stakes competition for the chance to win a $100,000 cash prize and the coveted title of “Ink Master!”

If you have the creativity, artistic skills and personality to impress the judges, we want to hear from you!

Human Canvases

Are you all inked up and ready for your next big piece? Or, are you a first timer who has always wanted a tattoo, and now you’re finally ready to take the plunge onto an artist’s table?

Have you ever wanted the shock value of a horrific or biomechanical-style tattoo?

Do you want to get a portrait to memorialize a loved one or to pay homage to your heritage?

Is there a daring area that you have always wanted to have tattooed?

If so, then “Ink Master” wants to see and hear from you.

Those interested in being either a tattoo artist or human canvas can check out the flyer below for the details.

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  1. Mitchell

    I have a few tattoos already and have always been wanting to be a human canvas for the show. I hope it may be possible one day.

  2. Jennifer Wortinger

    I want to be a human canvas. I got 2 tattoo’s which are for my kids. The tattoo artist messed up horribly. They are big tattoos on both upper arms and I wear tank tops all year round. I waited years to be able to afford to get them and now I am embarrassed to have anyone see them.

  3. Dakota Libby

    I need a real tattoo in my life !!

  4. Frank Matullo

    I have right upper arm tattoo that needs cover up or extended to full shelve. Hate what I have now.


    I would be down to be a canvas on the show, I live in Colorado. just let me know how it works.

  6. Kayla Crystal

    Hi my name is Kayla and have a couple of horrible tattoos looking to be a canvas and/or cover up canvas have plenty of area to work on and open to anything…. choose me

  7. Josh Hancock

    Big fan of the show. Willing to be a human canvas. I can fly out whenever.

  8. Louis Rosen

    I am in the U.S. Army and a huge fan of ink masters. I am completely open. I am currently an recruiter for the U.S. Army and can take extended leave very easily. Since season 1, I, have wanted to be a canvas

  9. David Atterbury

    I would be interested in being a human canvas, but only when they get down to the final 4-6 tattoo artist.

  10. Contonia Wright

    Open canvas for use, it’s been therapeutic for me after the death of my daughter
    and my mom

  11. Elvis Gonzalez

    can I get a star wars, Leonardo divinci type as a left sleeve. that would be cool. With names of everyone I loved.

  12. Scott Sperber

    Would like to be a canvas. Have 32 tattoos already. Live in Savannah Georgia. Retired so time is not a problem

  13. Peyton clark

    I have a friend who tattoos, and she is amazing, I am curious on how to sign her up. I also am interested in being a human canvas! Thanks

  14. Cassandra edwards

    I’m interested in being a human canvas on ink master.

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