New FOX Show Looking for Singers With Unexpected Voices for “Alter Ego”


ALTER EGO is now casting singers.

Got Voice?

Do you have an amazing voice that most people may not expect? If so, a new FOX network reality singing show may want to hear you sing.

The network that brought the show, The Naked Singer, is now working on a new singing competition show.

The new show currently called Alter Ego is casting nationwide for singers who have voices that may be unexpected.  The FOX TV reality competition is now casting nationwide for amazing singers for the next generation of reality singer competition shows.

Those interested may check out the casting notice below for the details on how to get on the show.

Looking for people with UNIQUE and UNEXPECTED voices!
Do you have an amazing voice that you haven’t been able to share with the world because life got in the way? Do you struggle with being comfortable on stage? This is the show for YOU.
Apply today!


7 thoughts on “New FOX Show Looking for Singers With Unexpected Voices for “Alter Ego”

  1. Karen Keasler

    I honestly would be honored to be on alter ego, I’ve loved singing since I was in elementary. I join an after school singing group and in middle school I joined the choir, personally I’ve enjoyed singing in the car with my mom the most she is and always will be my biggest fan. The only main problem is that no matter how many times people encourage me or try to offer me advice I can never seem to get past my stage fright, and due to this I became afraid to share my voice because I felt like I wasn’t good enough but I think Alter ego will help me not only do that but to regain my confidence in my singing voice.

  2. Angelica Velez

    Im actually would love my boyfriend to audition. He has such a lovely voice and always felt audtions or contests was always judged over looks and not voice. This would definitely give him the oppertunity to show otherwise. He also is very funny and has an amazing pressence. If there was any way I could find out how to help him audition please let me know.

  3. Ashlie

    I would love information on how to audition for alter ego. I went to the website listed but didn’t work.

  4. Shani Purdy

    I enjoy watching Alter Ego and seeing so many different talents is so awesome! Working at the hospital here in Rockford, Illinois I enjoy singing to my patients and singing in the halls. Just want to put smiles on everyone’s face. I would like to audition for the show if you can send me some information I would greatly appreciate it. Aloha and you all have a good day.

  5. Evera Chinda McCoy

    Would love to try-out—–love to sing and dance

  6. Bill Doughty

    I would like information on how to audition for Alter Ego.
    Thank you, Bill Doughty

  7. Aisha singletary

    Would love to try out for singing show


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