Student Film Casting Call in Dallas / Ft. Worth Area

By | June 15, 2021

The Radius Limit

Location: Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas

Type: Student Films

Plot Summary: Set in a post Virus pandemic world, the population is under strict regulation and monitoring of the latest mutating virus. Amongst the population a man is accused of being infected by a mutated virus and must prove his innocence and avoid a manhunt.

David: main character, flawed, is accused of being in contact to an infected individual and is wanted by authorities

Dr. Patricia Scott: Dr Scott is a mother who is battling for custody of her son and her position as a physician as she is accused of malpractice and a danger to the community.

The Enforcer: The Enforcer is a new level of authority trained to investigate virus outbreak and eliminate any and all threats to an outbreak.

Nick: Nick is Alan’s friend and coworker. He tries to helps David prove his innocence.

Alan: Alan is a patient that recovered significantly from the virus by a new treatment that hasn’t been approved. He is eliminated by the Enforcer to prevent outbreak.

Michelle: Michelle is David’s friend who tries to help him prove his innocence

Judge Del Toro: the judge that gives Dr. Stone her sentence in her custody hearing

Dr. Norman: Dr. Stones colleague who helps get her a highly effective vaccine

Infomercial Woman: spokeswoman for new health tracker chip implant.

Infomercial woman: spokeswoman for women’s rights.

Samuel (Dr. Stones son, 10-15 years)

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas
Please submit to: by
If interested please send head shot and/or demo reel along with any stage acting experience, if you have any. Send by email to Filming will take place in Fort Worth and will start as soon as cast is filled. All Actors will be given free copy of acting reel. Thank you

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