Voice Actors for Musical Adaptation of the Book of Esther in Texas



Location: Texas

Type: Other Projects

This amazing musical is an adaptation of the Book of Esther that uses elements of the Cinderella fairy tale. This show originated with the fantastic Beth-El Players and features a script by Wendy Waller, lyrics and music by Linda Kaufman, and transcriptions and additional music by Brian C. Billings. This will be an audio drama version of the show that will use original artwork and sound to create a stunning multimedia event!

Primary Characters
ESTHER, 20, a spunky Jewish girl
HAMAN, 40-45, high-ranking palace official; exceedingly impressed with himself
HEGAI, 30-40, chief eunuch; hyperactive and overtly effeminate
MORDECAI, 40-45, Jewish gatekeeper for the palace; always well-dressed, confident, efficient, and upbeat
KING XERXES, 25-30, ruler of Persia; highly indecisive
Secondary Characters
BIGTHAN, 20-30, muscle-bound eunuch
MISS DOWNTOWN BABYLON, 18-25, airheaded beauty queen
MISS ETHIOPIA, 18-25, haughty beauty queen
MISS EUPHRATES, 18-25, hopeful beauty queen
MISS SHUSHAN (MIRIAM), 18-25, Jewish beauty queen with a beehive hairdo
SUZANNE, 30-40, beauty scout prone to being flamboyant
TERESH, 20-30, muscle-bound eunuch

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Texas
Please submit to: Biblicaldramainstitute@hotmail.com by 2021-02-15
Actors will be sent a song from the show. They are to sing 30 seconds of the song at the audition; they need prepare nothing else. All auditions will be held through ZOOM.

This casting notice was posted by: The Biblical Drama Institute

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