Auditions for Many Open Roles in Baltimore – Comedy Movie “Slightly New”


Slightly New

Location: Baltimore, MD

Type: Film

Casting call for “Slightly New”, a feature-length comedy film. This micro budget film will be shot in Baltimore, MD and surrounding areas (talent must be local).
A pair of troublemaking slackers have 72 hours to save their failing used car dealership, their friendship, and themselves.
Stuck in a dead-end sales job at a shady dealership, Brandon and Leo were always destined for mediocrity. But when their boss gets arrested and things take a turn for the better (or the worse?) at work, the duo have a chance to finally step up and make something of themselves.

Between keeping the IRS off their backs and a rival dealership off their case, dealing with the women, weed, and occasional 2 hour employee lunch break seems like light work. The road back to respectability is a long, bumpy test drive.

Non-Union – Independent Production

Compensation: This production is non-union, Paid* ($50 a day for major characters)

Project length: 2 Weeks (03/01/2022 – 03/14/2022)
Location: Baltimore, MD 21206; Bowie, MD 20716

Please submit the following, by email: headshot, resume & acting reel along with your desired role. Submissions are due no later than 02/14/2022. For any questions SEND TO:

**Please note, proof of Covid vaccination & booster required for all interested parties. Local Government Mask mandates will be strictly enforced.***

Casting for the following roles:
Major Characters:
Brandon: 21-29 y.o. African-American Male. Lovable underachiever, kind hearted, and short-tempered. Determined to make something of himself and finally gets a shot. Constantly cleaning up after his best friend/roommate Leo.
Leo: 21-29 y.o. African-American Male. Textbook definition of slacker and stoner. A self-made “Hustler”, who does the bare minimums to get by in life. Best friend & roommates with Brandon.

Supporting Characters:
Malcolm: 21-29 y.o. African-American Male. Antagonist, Manager of rival car dealership across the street, longstanding grudge with Brandon & Leo, very conniving and will do everything in his power to shut them down.
Max: 21-29 y.o. African-American Male, Antagonist #2, Malcolm’s assistant, a real Yes-Man. Very nerdy, awkward and a bit of a pushover, has a big crush on Hailie.
Jayla: 19-25 y.o. African-American Female, company accountant, nerdy & neurotic as she is gorgeous. She has a crush on Brandon and serves as his love interest.
DeShaun: 21-29 y.o. African-American Male, “Newbie” car salesman, stereotypical Millennial, easily distracted and learns on the fly.
Leroy: 40-70 y.o. African-American Male, veteran car salesman, been around since opening day. Very blunt and doesn’t hold his tongue and very much so stuck in his ways.
Hailie: 21-29 y.o. African-American Female, company receptionist very intelligent and sarcastic, completely disinterested in her position. Dreams of escaping the 9-5 rat race.
Deacon Davis – 35-55 y.o. Male, man of the cloth but seems dishonest, very lively, but also shady. Comic relief.
MAGA Hat Guy -25 – 45 y.o. African-American Male, loud, boisterous and uncaring about what others think of his attire. Comic relief.
Mr. Jamison – 45-65 y.o African-American Male, loud and unfiltered. Owner of the car lot.

Day Players:
Lil IceBox: 18-26 y.o. Male, regional rap sensation, street-smart and wise beyond his years, very flashy.
Henry: 18-24 y.o. Male, errand boy for Lil’ IceBox, typical fanboy, has a lukewarm relationship with Leo.
IRS Agent #1: 25-40 y.o., Lead agent,very aggressive and sarcastic, takes the job almost too seriously.
IRS Agent #2: 25-40 y.o., Partner to IRS Agent #1, typical bumbling sidekick.
Shayna: 20-29 y.o. Female, friend with benefits of Leo, fellow stoner and worries about Leo’s wellbeing.

Older Woman #1 – 40-60 y.o. Female
Mother – 30-50 y.o. Female
Daughter – 15-22 y.o.Female
Tall Man/Nigerian Prince – 22-35 y.o. African American Male
Attractive Woman #1/Sugar Baby – 22-29 y.o. Female
Man in Carwash Crowd #1 – 25-40 y.o Male
Man in Carwash Crowd #2 – 25-40 y.o Male
Man in Carwash Crowd #3 – 25-40 y.o Male
Man in Carwash Crowd #4 – 25-40 y.o Male
Man in Carwash Crowd #5 – 25-40 y.o Male
Man in Carwash Crowd #6 – 25-40 y.o Male
Attractive Woman #2/Amber – 22-32 y.o Female
Attractive Woman #3/Carwash – 22-32 y.o. Female
Attractive Woman #4/Carwash – 22-32 y.o. Female
Attractive Woman #5/Carwash – 22-32 y.o. Female
Distracted Buyer – 22-35 y.o. Male
Male Buyer – 22-50 y.o Male
Angry Motorist #1
Angry Motorist #2
Angry Motorist #3
Young Buyer – 19-25 y.o.
Police Officer #1 – 25-45 y.o
Police Officer #2 – 25-45 y.o
Waiter – 19 – 30 y.o.
Shady Guy/Car Thief – 25-40 y.o. Male

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Baltimore, MD
Please submit to: by 2022-02-14
Headshot, Resume & Acting Reel must be submitted online by 2/14/22. Virtual callbacks and auditions to follow.

This casting notice was posted by: RiteMind Productions, LLC

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