Casting Female Co-Host for Paranormal Series in Development

By | June 27, 2022

Paranormal docu-series in development is holding a casting call for a Co-Host.

If you love a good mystery, read on.

Female co-hosts. The series focuses on investigating unusual activity within a home, business or with families and individuals. The ideal candidate will become one of a trio of powerful, smart women. One woman, already cast, is a powerful psychic medium. We’re looking for two more women who will work with our psychic medium to solve the mystery and ultimately help the individual or family to resolve the issue.

As part of the series development, we will be doing livestreams with the trio as a test run. If selected, we ask that you be available for a few livestreams. Livestreams will happen once per week for about 60 minutes. Is pay involved? Good question. Once the series is officially greenlit, there will be compensation.

You are funny – While we take on some serious stuff, we also want to mix it up with the lighter side. Humor is a plus.
You are fascinated by the paranormal, spiritual, or have had your own personal experiences.
You are a tech nerd. We’re looking to round out our team with one person comfortable with gadgetry, who leans more toward scientific explanations for things that go bump in the night.
You love fashion. Who says you can’t hang out with spirits and enjoy a good shoe at the same time?
You are a curious and love a good mystery (but also like to skip to the end to get the answer ?).
You are adventurous.
You are a skeptic. Yes! We want one on the team who gets that not every freakin’ thing is paranormal, and no, that’s not a portal.
Your friends always say you should be on TV. Here’s your chance:)

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One thought on “Casting Female Co-Host for Paranormal Series in Development

  1. Shannon B.

    Hi my name is Shannon, I’m a psychic medium. I have always been interested in the paranormal activity. As a child i always new i had ability to communicate with people that have crossed over. I would love to come a part of the paranormal series and investigate the mystery’s behind spirit. Or if there is any other series to do with psychic or paranormal I would appreciated if you would get back to me.
    Thank You


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