Casting for Backwoods Caterers and Chefs


A reality TV production company is now casting caterers and chefs who live in the rural south.

Are you a chef that caters to very rural areas?

Do you prepare an amazing menu of dishes only to find yourself struggling to get the folks in the area to actually try those dishes?  If so, reality TV producers who are developing a new cooking centered show would love to hear all about it.

The show is currently casting for big characters, who are chefs or caterers and live in the southern backwoods or bayous.

Are you a chef/caterer in a rural area in the south?

Are you trying to bring sophisticated dishes to the area you live in? Do you struggle to get locals to try cuisine they’ve never tried before?

A TV production company in LA who works with major networks to develop unscripted TV. We’re looking for chefs or caterers in the south/backwoods/bayou who are trying to bring some new flavors to some local areas.

Anyone know of some big characters who fit the bill?

Please let me know! If you’re interested, send me some info about you/your business and pictures to

Please title the email BACKWOODS CATERING + Your name.

One thought on “Casting for Backwoods Caterers and Chefs

  1. Arnold S Ngumbao

    I am an immigrant from Kenya US citizen now, an accomplished chef with a dream of starting an African restaurant here in the small town of Durango Colorado. I am one month away from opening and a friend of mine gave me your link. What do I need to qualify to be featured in your program?
    Hear from you soon.


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