Casting for People With Unbelievable Stories

By | June 14, 2022

Got an unbelievable story to tell?

Future Studios are filming a new documentary series exploring unbelievable stories, and concealing the identity of the storytellers.

We’re looking for work and money related stories, from whistleblowing to confessions to scams, if you’ve got a story you want to share anonymously, get in touch.

This is the perfect opportunity for those who have something they haven’t told anyone but want the world to hear, or for people who want to address a controversial subject matter, or make people understand something taboo.
If you’d like to get involved or know anyone who may be interested. Please email: with “MY STORY” in the subject.

Future Studios is a company created by and run by journalists, committed to making compelling, premium programming both online and for broadcasters, focusing on authentic stories, incredible access and real characters – feel free to check out our award winning Youtube channel

One thought on “Casting for People With Unbelievable Stories

  1. Pedro Garcia

    Hello thank you for giving this opportunity to me and others that have experience unbelievable events of which in my case could have been prevented, now these unbelievable events have cause my life to be a very painful and complicated life, and for whatever life I may have left in this world.
    Because having Diabetes I often developed bad Foot problems and when I had pain coming from my Pinky toe I made a visit to my Podiatrist who Bandage wrapped my foot and referred me to have a X-ray of my Foot and I was told that if there was anything significant that they would inform me so that I could return to Podiatry, but I never got a call because they did not find anything in the X-ray no thanks to the Technician that had not removed the Bandage wrap that if it was removed prior to the X-ray, the. the X-ray would have shown Gas that would mean that I had a infection in the Toe, so because of this failure and mistake my Pinky Toe was amputated.

    Another UNBELIEVABLE event in my life was that I had developed problems with my heart whereby I would experience ANGINA that soon became unstable ANGINA causing me to have many visits to the ER and being admitted in to the hospital many times, that in 12 years I had SEVEN Heart Cath’s, and out of all these Heart Cath’s was I ever able to have a ANGIO STENT placement never ever did I have a Heart Stent.
    But yet during the Six Heart Cath I was told that I had to have a TRIPLE BYPASS because I had significant blockage, and was told that it was to late for any possible ANGIO STENT PLACEMENT, but it got worse 4 days after the 3x CABG short for Triple Heart Bypass procedure and 4 days after the 3-CABG and while I was receiving Physical Therapy and anxiously waiting to go home and while walking around the unit at the hospital I was approached by my nurse and told to go to my bed that she had something for me.
    After waiting for a while I had fallen asleep I am not sure for how long I had been sleeping but when I woke up I had a line like the ones that are used in I V except it was BLOOD in the line and it was going into my arm it was a BLOOD TRANSFUSION of which I had not been given any prior Heads Up or information about it the Blood Transfusion by the hospital or by my treating Doctor that he want’s me to have a Blood Transfusion or was I given the opportunity to refuse the Blood Transfusion, but worse was that Four Hours after this Blood Transfusion I suffered a STROKE that caused a Blood Clot to go to my Right Optic Nerve in my Right Eye that now and forever could not ever be reversed in other words this Blood Transfusion caused me to lose my Eye Sight in my Right Eye for the rest of my life now I have Blindness in that Eye.

    Another Unbelievable event in my life was that as a Pedestrian and while crossing at a intersection a motor vehicle that was driven by a 18 year old that had 2 friends in his vehicle with him and while all 3 had been smoking Cannabis while driving his vehicle he fail to stop his vehicle at the traffic signal that was Red whereby he struck me at 30 miles per hour and causing my body to be tossed high up off the road according to witnesses landing on my face striking the asphalt and losing consciousness and suffering a gash over my right eyebrow that required stitches, but worse was a Fracture of my left wrist and I also had my Left Shoulder Dislocated, I was placed into the ICU admitted by the Trauma team and intubated but the worst from this event came 10 years afterwards where practically over night 1 day.10 years later I started to limp as I walked.
    So I made a visit to Orthopedic where the doctor ordered a X-ray of both of my Legs and my Spine and I was told by that doctor that my problem is that I have Scoliosis and the doctor said that you could be born with Scoliosis or in my case it came from the Motor Vehicle Accident where I was struck while crossing at the intersection, so they advised to have a MRI and told that after having the MRI done to go and pick up the film from the Motor Vehicle accident or copy’s of any radiation study’s that was done on me so that they could compared.
    After having this MRI I go to the records department at the hospital where I was treated after the accident and there I was shocked stricken whereby a X-ray was was ordered of my Spine but it was not done further a CT scan of my Spine was ordered but it wasn’t done last a MRI of my Spine was ordered but also was not done, now the doctor who wanted to compare the MRI in his words said to me that you got to be kidding me wow that’s a shame because if they had just done a X-ray at the minimum they would have seen a shift in your Spine and they could have Brace you and you would not have kept moving and walking with out a Brace and your Spine shifting to this point where finally it let you to you having 1 Leg Shorter by 1 inch then the other technically now Crippled for life.

    Now I have 1 more Unbelievable event that it’s a little Embarrassing to tell so with that said I would prefer to talk about it off the record if possible or I would need to know how and where this could be published, so I will want to talk with someone in your organization before I disclose this last event, so please give me the opportunity to decide if I will want to disclose my last Unbelievable event in my life.


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