Dublin Ireland Auditions for Web Series Trailer

By | February 21, 2022

Proof of Concept trailer for Sheer Malice web series.

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Type: Web series

Sheer Malice and Sheered Malice: The Raven Diaries were independent short films produced in 2013 and 2016 respectively. They had a successful run on the independent film festival circuit and Sheered Malice: The Raven Diaries was also nominated for an independent filmmaking award. Both short films were subsequently released on the VHX platform where they garnered a small cult following at an international level.

The Sheer Malice saga is a dark gritty thriller genre depicting sinister female serial killers dressed and disguised in their signature nylon outfits who torture and kill their prey. The plan is to develop a web series for the Sheer Malice saga with each webisode (5 -10 minutes in length) telling a story about a certain character or characters.

With each webisode storyline currently in development, the current plan is to create a proof of concept trailer for the purpose of generating funding to produce the web series via a crowd funding platform.

Female actresses required to play a Sheer Malice Raven** – The characters are typical everyday women in everyday lives but behind these innocent appearances are brutal and sadistic killers. They portray themselves as mundane and normal but when in costume they are transformed. (**A Raven from Sheer Malice is a female serial killer when dressed in their signature outfits)

Applicants will be receive more information about the storyline and genre (with links to both original short films and reference photos) as well as further instructions for the application process which will include preparing a self-tape audition.

Payment: Other

City or Location of call: Dublin, Ireland
Please submit to: sheermalice2013@gmail.com
CV, headshot and show reel (if available)

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