Relationship Show Looking for Mismatched Couples

Casting a brand new relationship show that focuses on couples who seem to be an unlikely match.

The relationship show is now having a casting call for mismatched couples.

Is your mismatched relationship misunderstood by your friends and your family?

Do you believe that opposites attract while other people in your circle of family and friends don’t seem to understand it?

Do people think that you may be dating people outside of your league?

Maybe, you are in a relationship that has an extreme age difference or and extreme size issue that others may find shocking?

If so, the casting team for this show may want to hear all about the mismatch.

If you would like a chance to share your story on a show, read on for the details on how to get on the show.

Now Casting! A TV production company is looking for couples for a new unscripted/reality television show!
If you’re interested, please email with the following information below.


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