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The Thunder and Mist Files

Location: Nationwide

Audition / Call Type: Films

The Thunder and Mist Files(Feature Film)

A collection of video diaries from a group of college student as they try to find out what happened to their professor (Quinn) who is has their own dark past.


Quinn – A professor for a local college that had gone missing but has left a collection of video logs confessing some of the things he has done over the past few years.

Jon – Is a former college athlete that was forced to retire because he was injured in the middle of a game. It was rumored that someone paid the other player off to injure Jon. He is now suffering from depression and is getting help from Quinn.

Angela – she is a college freshman that was talked into having a relationship with Quinn and is now trying to do everything to hide this fact from the world. She did this because she did not want to fail.

Francesca – Is someone who is currently looking to get a breast reduction and other cosmetic surgery to help her way of life. Everything is being paid for by someone who has a connection with Quinn. (100% remote)

Films remotely in May 2023

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Nationwide
Please submit to: by 05/06/2023 11:00 PM

Please send your information to
Use Subject line (Mist23)

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