Casting Gamblers With Great Stories To Share

Got Some Great Gambling Stories To Share?
If so, producers for a TV show would love to hear your stories.


America’s biggest streaming and TV network is searching for people to tell their own true stories of high-stakes gambling for a new prime-time series. Did you win millions? Lose everything?

Cheat the casinos or just have an epic night/week of gambling with twists and turns that feel like it should be made into a movie?

These stories MUST have happened to you personally and MUST be filled with exciting and surprising twists and turns. We’re looking for the most jaw-dropping gambling stories ever!

You will be paid for your participation and flown to Los Angeles to be interviewed by our cameras. The series will be broadcast around the world in 2024 and is being produced by one of the most prestigious production companies in America, with multiple hit shows on various networks.

For consideration, please send a detailed summary of your story, a photo of you, and your contact information to


casting notice info graphic for new reality show.

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