Idol Across America is On – Idol Auditions in all 50 States Taking Place This Month

Idol Across America is on and holding 2023-2024 Idol auditions live.

Want to get on American Idol? If so, you’re in luck as American Idol tryouts are happening right now is a campaign called “Idol Across America.”  The very popular reality show will be coming back to TV in just a few months.  Idol’s 2023-2024 season of the show will be coming up this winter.

American Idol tryouts used to be giant in person events held at convention centers. Covid seems to have changed all that.

The 2023 Idol auditions are going to be LIVE virtual events held in real time. The show’s casting team has set up dates for individual states where the auditions will be an online, video streamed event. Singers who would like to audition, will be able to audition in real time for the judges and receive direct feedback via an online app such as zoom.

They are planning to do this on a state by state basis beginning this month and going into September to hold virtual singer tryouts across all 50 states. American Idol is asking singers to book their audition slots in advance via a page that has been created for this purpose at

They are requesting that Idol hopefuls register soon as audition slots are limited and seem to be filling up quickly.

About the Show:

The show follows a competition-based structure where contestants, typically amateur singers from various backgrounds and music genres, compete against each other to win the title of the next “American Idol.” The winner receives a recording contract and the opportunity to jumpstart their music career. The show’s panel of judges, comprised of music industry professionals and celebrities, play a crucial role in critiquing and selecting the contestants who advance through the different rounds of the competition.


Throughout its run, “American Idol” has featured several notable judges, including Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban, Harry Connick Jr., Katy Perry, and more. These judges provide feedback, guidance, and at times, tough criticism to the contestants, which has contributed to the show’s entertainment value.

The initial rounds of the competition, often referred to as the “audition rounds,” involve showcasing the contestants’ singing abilities to the judges. This phase includes both entertaining and cringe-worthy auditions, which have become a staple of the show’s early episodes. The judges then select a group of contestants to advance to the next rounds, where they participate in themed performances and face public voting.

The contestants’ performances are typically critiqued by the judges after each round, and the viewing audience plays a significant role in determining who advances further in the competition through voting. As the season progresses, the field of contestants narrows down through eliminations until the final few compete for the title.

Casting Information:

AMERICAN IDOL Audition Producers want to see singers from all 50 states! Pick your audition day and reserve your time slot for your Live Virtual Audition.

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