Jimmy Fallon Game Show “Password” Now Casting

By | May 3, 2023

The classic gameshow “Password” is back.

The NBC show is hosted by  Keke Palmer & Jimmy Fallon and there is a casting notice out for people who would love to team up with a celebrity on the show.

Ready to win big money on a game show by getting one word clues at what the “Password” may be?  If so, read on for the details about the show and how to get on “Password.”

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Password first premiered in 1961 and has had various versions and adaptations over the years. The show is based on the simple premise of two teams competing against each other to guess a secret word based on clues given by their celebrity partners.

In each round, a celebrity partner gives a one-word clue to their teammate to help them guess a secret word. The teammate has a limited amount of time to guess the word, and if they are successful, their team earns a point. The game continues with alternating turns between the two teams until a predetermined number of points is reached, usually three or five.

The game is played in several rounds, with the difficulty level of the words increasing as the game progresses. The team with the most points at the end of the final round wins the game and advances to the bonus round.

The bonus round, also known as the lightning round, involves the winning team’s celebrity partner giving one-word clues to their teammate to guess a series of words in a set amount of time. The team earns money for each word they guess correctly, and if they are able to guess all the words within the allotted time, they win a larger bonus prize.

Password has been a popular game show for several decades, known for its simple yet entertaining gameplay and its use of celebrity guests. The show has also spawned various adaptations and spin-offs, including Password Plus and Super Password.


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