Now Casting Survival Show – of All Shapes and Sizes That are Outdoorsy

Survival show casting people that may not be all that fit but do know how to do basic survival.

Now Casting: Survivalists of ALL Shapes & Sizes

If you don’t look like the typical super fit, “ripped” survivalist but know how to start fires, and build shelters in order to live off the land, we want to hear from you!

Major cable network is looking for outdoorsy, adventure-seeking men and women from all walks of life with all kinds of body shapes . . .from “Dad bods,” to curvaceous plus-size ladies, to those who simply have “more to love.”

If you are proud of how you look, passionate about being a survivalist, and are confident that you can do anything a person with a six pack can do, then apply here:

casting notice for survival show looking for real people

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