Documentary TV Series Looking For People Who Were Abandoned by a Spouse

By | June 18, 2024

Casting Call: Transformational Docu-Series for Individuals Abandoned by Their Spouse (Nationwide)

A renowned television production company, in collaboration with a major cable network, is casting for a new documentary series focusing on individuals and families who have been abruptly abandoned by their spouse. This series aims to provide support, closure, and answers to those left in turmoil by such sudden departures.

This groundbreaking documentary series aims to offer hope and a path to recovery for those blindsided by spousal abandonment. Participants will receive professional support and guidance to help them move forward. The series strives to turn despair into a journey towards a positive resolution, showcasing personal stories of resilience and transformation.

You are not alone. This, true-to-life, groundbreaking documentary series helps men and women blindsided by abandonment. This series hopes to show a happy ending to people who are left in limbo, stuck in life and unable to move forward. Participants will be compensated for sharing their story and will receive life-changing expert/professional help in the process. This is your opportunity to share your story and move on in life with your family and loved ones.

Who They’re Looking For:

Individuals and Families: Those who have been suddenly deserted by their spouse without any explanation or clue to their current whereabouts.
Still Married: Applicants who are legally married but have no knowledge of their spouse’s location.
Emotionally Impacted: People burdened by the trauma and stress of being left alone while their spouse is still out there.

How to Apply:

Interested individuals should email the following details to

  • Name: (First and Last)
  • Contact Phone Number
  • City/State: (Where you live)
  • Brief Bio: About you and your story
  • Photos: Of yourself and, if available, your spouse
  • Social Media Links: (If any)

This is a unique opportunity to share your experience and start a journey towards healing and closure with the support of a dedicated team.



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