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Sci-Fi Feature Film “Who Lives Last” Holding Open Auditions for Speaking Roles in Houston

Sc-Fi independent film “Who Lives Last” Location: Houston, TX Type: Film WHO LIVES LAST is Sci-fi Action Motion Picture story about North American leaders joining together and building a 500,000 Citizen underground bomb shelter to carry on the human race.  In the year 2045, World War III destroys the Planet – ARMAGEDDON comes to pass.  In the year 2080, 35 […]

Performers, Singers, Dancers, Musicians & Variety Acts for New Entertainment Group in Houston

Entertainment group Auditions Location: Houston TX Type: General Performers looking to form a local entertainment group that will perform at local events and selected venues. This group will provide multiple opportunities for growth and compensated gigs. This will include cable television opportunities, various listings at main events, interviews and so much more! I’m looking for […]

Houston Area Talk Show “Tea Porty” Casting Panel Members

TeaPorty Live casting Location: Houston Texas Type: Web series A Four-party panel that lays it all on the table! Covering everything in Pop culture, fashion, Big screen business, music, tv, and current events. It’s a web show. Its informative and funny all at the same time. We keep it real. We share HONEST opinions, all […]

Singers for Co-Ed Pop / R&B Group in Houston

Auditions for Co-Ed R&B/Pop group Location: Houston, TX Type: Singers I’m looking to form a co-ed music group with members (ideally) between the ages of 20-23. I need one female and two males who are serious about taking their careers to the next level. We’d mainly sing R&B/pop, however I’d like for us to be […]

Houston Area Girl Group Auditioning Another Singer

Audition for girl group member Location: Houston, Texas Type: Singers Greetings! We are currently a female duo looking for a third member between the ages of 20-25. We sing all genres of music, but are really big on R&B/pop. We are looking for a talented, down to earth young lady who is willing to put […]

Actors Wanted in Houston for Independent Movie “What Really Matters”

“What Really Matters” Location: Houston, Texas Type: Film “What Really Matters” Original short screenplay by: Moses Belton, Sr, Directed by: Moses Belton, Sr. Casting “What Really Matters” A short film (student Project) about newlyweds who not only a family at stake, but both having professional careers. Recently each was presented with wonderful advancement opportunities for themselves and […]

Houston Area Christian Rappers, Singers and Dancers

Looking for Christian Rappers, Singers & Dancers Location: Houston TX Type: Singers Need new members for group. (No musicians for hire! Real member for group) Gospel Singers, Rappers & Dancers possible D.J. position. Must be will to travel out of the country. From time to time (Japan) Be apart of something new from an established […]

Auditions in Houston for “No Justice, No Peace” Stage Play

No Justice, No Peace. Location: Houston, TX Type: Theater “No Justice, No Peace.” a new social justice comedy play. The story follows Maurice James, an African American, recently released from prison on a crime he didn’t commit. Upon returning to his hometown, Patterson, TX., Maurice encounters crazy town folks, deals with his share of drama, […]

Houston Area Web Series “Blissful Abyss”

Blissful Abyss ( Pilot) Location: Rock-center ( at Ashcroft) Houston Texas Type: Web series This series is about a young choreographer who mover to a new town in search of a better life. Healing from a serious break up, he sets his attention on new,” friends”, career opportunities, and new romance. As his career sets […]