Castings and Auditions for LGBTQ

Documentary “Pray The Gay Away” Casting LGBTQ+ People With Stories To Share

Psuedosphere Inc. – “Pray the gay away” – documentary exposing conversion therapy camps. Location: Nationwide Audition / Call Type: Documentary Queer owned and run production company currently working on a documentary exposing the horrors of “conversion therapy” and highlighting stories from those who’ve been through this experience, and those currently working to fight back and… Read More »

Online / Remote Casting Call for Deaf Men in LGBTQ+ Community in Savannah

NATIONAL CASTING: SEEKING DEAF MALES WITHIN THE LGBTQ+ COMMUNITY FOR GRADUATE THESIS SHORT FILM IN PARTNERSHIP WITH THE SAVANNAH COLLEGE OF ART AND DESIGN. Casting director Karlie Loland-Ringer of KLR Creative Group is currently casting a short Romantic Comedy featuring 2 deaf male leads within the LGBTQ+ community. The film is titled “Expressions” with a… Read More »

Casting Parents with Kids in Los Angeles (LGBTQ+ and Conservative)

Jubilee Casting: Queer and Conservative Parents & Kids Show: Middle Ground Dates: December 3rd-4th (2-3 hours commitment) Location: Los Angeles Paid for time Apply via Airtable: Email me: Jubilee Casting: People with no tattoos and Tattoos Individuals Show: Odd One Out 6 Tattoo Individuals and 1 Fake Production: November 19th or 20th Location:… Read More »