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MasterChef Asia is Now Casting

MasterChef Asia Auditions for cooks! Location of casting call: Singapore / other Asian Countries, see list below. Casting call in India, Singapore, Malaysia and other Asian countries for the newest show in the international MasterChef  franchise. Hi there! MasterChef  is commencing its inaugural Asia-wide search for talented cooks! We are looking for anyone who is 18 […]

‘MasterChef Junior’ Open Casting Calls Coming up in Various Cities

Auditions for kids coming up for MasterChef Junior The Gordon Ramsay junior cooking competition will be back in 2015 and casting ambitious and talented kids who know their way around the kitchen. MASTERCHEF JUNIOR is on a nationwide search for the top culinary talent… not yet in high school. The show’s casting directors are looking to cast kids […]

MasterChef Season 3 is now Casting Nationwide

Tryout for MasterChef 2012! Open Calls are scheduled for the Gordon Ramsay cooking competition this fall. Masterchef is the FOX Network show that puts non-professional cooks through the wringer to see if they will come out a Master Chef at the end. Are you a home cook with passion? A self proclaimed ‘Foodie’ Can you […]

MasterChef Open Call Portland

MasterChef casting directors will be out in Portland this weekend looking for contestants who would like to appear on the FOX cooking reality competition. Open Call info: December 11th from 10AM to 6PM anyone wishing to put their cooking skills to the test can apply for the show at the following address: LE CORDON BLEU […]

MasterChef 2 Open Call Los Angeles

Reality TV tryouts for FOX’s MasterChef 2 We have known for sometime that Gordon Ramsay and MasterChef 2 will be holding an open casting call in Los Angeles on the 6th of November, we just didn’t know where. Well, the where has now been announced. MasterChef 2 is the second season of the very popular […]

MasterChef Open Calls

Master Chef Open Casting Call Gordon Ramsey’s popular cooking show Masterchef is returning for season 2 and will be kicking off the audition process on the west coast in Los Angeles on Nov. 6th. The dates have been released but the location have not. from the press release: Celebrated chef Gordon Ramsay is once again […]


For anyone who missed the MasterChef Open Calls, It is not too late to get a submission in. The show is still taking taped auditions for the cooking show. Here are the instructions with the masterchef application links. 1. Download the application and fill it out. 2. Make a videotape (only dvd and mini dv will […]