Voice Actors for Animated Web Series – Skype / Zoom / Virtual Project

By | September 18, 2023

Enemy of time

Location: I don’t currently have a studio but I have Skype

Audition / Call Type: Web Series

If your familiar with the series stargate from 1997 this is a alternate reality where failing students wake up from a dream and decide they wanna do this in real life, it’s animated and scripts still being written.

Roles being cast include Samantha Carter she’s a teen 15-16 year old Caucasian Daniel is about the same age smart but gets bullied frequently and general George Hammond is a retired military school principal who’s Caucasian and in his 50’s. Side note: if this gets Popular I may do a part 2 etc

Payment: Non-Paid

City or Location of call: I don’t currently have a studio but I have Skype
Please submit to: williamfichtnerlover1993@gmail.com by 10/31/2023 5:00 PM

voice and headshots if you wish a demo video or resume I have Skype discord and other things if you want to audition/ send me voice clips there, I also use a streaming website called restream if you want to do a making/ get to know the voice cast live stream q and a

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