Auditions for Film L.A.


Auditions for short SAG film, Los Angeles

union / non-union

About the project:

BARRY SUMMERS, a disconnected middle-aged man, frantically searching the trash cans of a downtown L.A. park day after day, at the same place and same time, is drawn out of his world of perpetual lost and not-found by a group of mysterious street people who help him find what he is truly missing.

Casting the following roles:

Caucasian. 45 – 55. Incoherent, oblivious, frazzled, haggard and disheveled. Wears a crumpled and slightly oversized business suit. A career workaholic, always put climbing the telecom corporate ladder before family, until the death of his wife and daughter 4 months ago. Obsessively in denial that they are gone. Seriously losing touch with reality. Looks and acts like a crazy homeless person. LEAD

African American/African. 9 – 12. Bright, gifted, wise beyond her years. Fearless, particularly when it comes to human emotion. A natural-born healer, she is the best grief counselor at the UWC and specializes in deep denial intervention. Gwen?s daughter. Helped her mother recover after her father died. SUPPORTING

All Ethnicities. 55-65. Sun-weathered, salt-of-the-earth homeless man. Kind and jovial. Genuinely wants to help people. A thoughtful scavenger, always carefully considering the fate of each item he picks through in the garbage. Genuinely subordinate to Gwen. SUPPORTING

All Ethnicities. 45-55. Brusk, not particularly friendly, but gets the job done. Slightly smarmy, particularly with Gwen whom he has a typical workplace crush on. Similar in look and type as Barry. Was also a (Denial On Arrival) when they brought him in 2 years ago. He decided to stay and work with them once he was healed. SUPPORTING

Compensation: Copy/Credit/Meal, SAG Student Short Film agreement, $100 deferred

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