Open Casting Call | Bay Area


San Francisco Open Casting call for student film

Open casting call for female role (18-30) in student thesis film
Casting notice posted on, casting location: San Francisco bay area

8 minute Short film
San Francisco Bay Area, California
Non-Union, Low-Budget
Pay- $500 dollars for two days of shooting plus meals and any travel expenses.
Filming dates will be set for an available weekend in either mid to late september or early october at the latest.

This is a science fiction thriller focusing on two astronauts on a deep space exploration mission that have crash landed on a mysterious planet that is strangely similar to earth but vacant of intelligent life. They soon discover that the world itself is alive and realize that they are unwelcome guests on a planet that sees humanity as a parasite of nature.

The female role is the entity created by the omnipotent planet that is conjured from a lake and attempts to drown one of the astronauts exploring the planet. She needs to have long dark hair, pale skin, and be caucasian.

*This part will require some swimming in a natural lake and brief non-gratuitous non-pornographic nudity. This is a serious film that is looking to market itself to international film festivals and art house festivals in the U.S.. As the role is somewhat demanding for a small part, it is the key scene and a major role for the entire project and all efforts will be made to ensure a comfortable and professional experience for you. Please send me a headshot first, no nude photos will be accepted.  If you have any questions please feel free to send me an e-mail. Thank you.

Casting Location: San Francisco bay area
Contact email: [email protected]